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GTA Vice City Car Parking Mod

The Washington Avenue Parking Lot is a multistory parking lot in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, located on Washington Avenue, Ocean Beach, Vice City.

GTA Vice City Car Parking Mod

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the parking lot is located west of the Ocean View Hotel. The parking lot's entry is located right across Collar & Cuffs, which is on the southeast corner, and it can be accessed from both southeast and southwest corners of the structure. Rafael's clothing store is located on the northwest corner. The structure is decorated with green vines hanging from the second and third floors, while in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, this decoration is absent.

all of the txds are in straight 32-bit format so if you wanted to use them as a mod you'd have to make them compatible (through compression, 8pp, etc), or set up a new img using gta_vc.dat and add them to that, then delete the files in gta3.img. this is because for whatever reason, vice city doesn't like uncompressed textures in gta3.img and will refuse to make them appear in game. I wouldn't recommend it though as the game doesn't apply texture filtering under certain conditions for reasons I don't understand, so it looks wonky unless it's hud stuff.

- Reshade updated to the latest stable version (5.7.0) also now the game will no longer crash if minimized.- CLEO updated to the latest version Redesigned many parts of the map so you should start a new game.- Optimized and rescaled 2dfx effects, especially in the Printing House which now doesn't look so much like a disco.- Removed Statue of Liberty to care more for the setting of the city.- Fixed a crash when starting a new game in an existing game, for this a mod that was useless was removed.- Fixed more problems found in the project props.

New mods added:- Added better reflections for cars, a mod that does not produce lag unlike SkyGFX reflections they are visible on MVL cars- Date with Mercedes re-added and will be available after the mission "Back Alley Brawl" credits for Bibidibabidibu modified by me in the last part.- It is now possible to buy nitro for your car inside the orange garage next to the first ammunation and then follow the instructions. Credits to Bibidibabidibu and the garage door collision was changed and fixed by me.- Added GPS, change between destinations with the keys 6 and 9 of the numerical keyboard, while you do not have activated "Num Lock" if you do not want the gps to interfere while you are on a motorcycle activate this last option. Credits to ThirteenAG and arranged by Bibidibabidibu- Boxville spawn fix credits to Yazlow- Hermes near Umberto's house- Increased the number of cars parked around the city.- Candy, Avery and The Love Fist limousines will now appear in the parking lot during the mission "The party" credits to Yazlow- Added new interiors, to know their locations see the interiors file in the tricks folder. credits to Dimzet, adapted to the mod by me.- Ability to break the doors of cars with locks on the door. Credits to Yazlow- Added a new MP5 pickup near the heliport in the downtown police station.- Added effect of wet clothes after swimming. Credits to Bibidibabidibu- Added some special tricks that are described in the tricks file, like god mode and others

Now comes the heaviest part of the update:- Maxo Vehicle Loader comes to this mod and with it many very interesting things- More than 40 new cars added through Maxo Vehicle Loader, to keep the atmosphere most of them are cars from the 80s or that look like they are from the 80s and were carefully added by me.- Modern cars were made optional through the MVL spawner, if you don't know how to use it, read the tricks file.- Many MVL cars added in city parking lots.- MVL planes with animations and everything added at the airport in the empty hangars.- FBI Maverick in MVL format with submachine guns added to one of the buildings in downtown after completing Colonel Cortez's last mission.- VCS cars in MVL format added throughout the city, including vehicles that can float on water and the Little Willie with machine guns. The lattest one appears near Little Haiti after completing Colonel Cortez's last mission.- Added Vortex from GTA San Andreas with the ability to walk on water.- Mach 5 (Scramjet) added at Rockstar's house near the beach also has the ability to walk on water.- The MVL cars are well distributed and there aren't many so they won't overshadow the classic cars and these can be easily found for the Sunshine Autos mission. (If you decide to install your own cars do not report bugs)- You may notice that some MVL cars will not appear in traffic and are only limited to their respective parking lots.- MVL Sniper scope Fix, the sniper will no longer look bad in this version of the Maxo Vehicle Loader.

- Added many cars parked in the city, it was strange that some parking lots were empty right?- Added and changed some mods:- To sit down simply use the F6 key. Credits to TommyMan, modified by me.- Now you can use a dynamic map during the game for this use the F7 key, also if you use F7 + 1,2,3 or 4 you can see many interesting things on it, such as hidden objects, massacres and acrobatic jumps (If you want to know more read the file "Tricks for the mods" which is located in the "Tricks" folder Credits to Dimzet and modified by me.- Now you can use the car wash in washington to repair your car, it costs 20$ and it is a good alternative to repair your car without losing your favorite color.- Now the cameras in Tommy's mansion are functional, just approach them and follow the instructions.(The credits of these last two mods go to Yazlow)

- Changed the compression to .exe because it compresses the files better- Fixed some props in the game- Fixed the lack of animation of the airship in the center of the city during the day (for this a few fans were removed)- Along with this, the airship model was changed (thanks to Jessica Natalia) although I reduced the resolution to optimize the game.- Changed climbing mode as it was very disruptive at times now use TAB + JUMP to climb.- Added some last essential items for the city.- Removed mercedesv3, save3c and d_strip mods because they could cause some mission markers to disappear and radar blips, they are still in the "optional" folder and you can install them separately- Now all the textures have mipmaps but the mod that activates it is in the "optional" folder because I don't like the blurry effect it produces but many do so I leave it to your decision.

- First let's mention the obvious the weight was drastically reduced because I no longer use modloader for mods because for some reason when putting several files the mod code causes the typical bug of the black screen after leaving the bank in the mission "the job" It's really weird but I still use it for colisions and it's still installed so you can easily install mods or change something.- New ring for the radar- Removed sandcastle on the beach because it caused conflicts with the taxi driver, paramedic and pizza missions. It's very sad but the gameplay is more important.- Added interior "Crocs Bar" from Shine O Vice, although there were some incompatibilities with the Voodoo Trojan mission in the end I managed to implement it well. (Thanks to Trillha for using his corrections for this).- Added some objects inside the "Big Corrupted Bank" to make the windows look better.- Fixed many collisions and misplaced objects of the "projectprops".- Fixed some songs with uneven volume in ADF radio in mp3 folder. Unfortunately I don't have time to mix it as I would like but I do what I can.- Since you asked me, I share a 100% save in slot 8 compatible with the game, this also shows that the game is perfectly 100% completeable.New mods added:- Guess who's back? The blue taxi driver is back in circulation in the city and this time in a stable way. (credits to Yazlow)- A new security pig added, originally in the game there are two models of the police pig but both were the same so the second model was changed to differentiate them. (Credits to Lainztocrat51) and was adapted by me for xbox peds models.- Fixed car accidents "before it always happened with the same pedestrian" but now it's random (credits to Yazlow).- Did you know that Tommy took his pizza motorcycle after overcoming pizza missions as a souvenir? Well, after overcoming these missions, that motorcycle will be available near the mansion.- After completing the fastest ship that squalo will appear in Tommy's mansion as long as the mansion is already owned.- Also the boat that the Colonel gives us will appear in the mansion after the mission in which the Colonel leaves the city.(I tried these mods myself and they don't interfere with the story of the game and the credit of these mods goes to Yazlow who really is an excellent moder)- Added new aim from the cars now it is no longer necessary to use the 1 or 2 keys to look to the sides before shooting, just move the camera to the side you want to shoot (once again credits to Yazlow)- Fixed animations with two weapons when answering the phone (this is also Yazlow's work)- You will now be able to visit the secret printing press in Little Haiti where the forgers of money plates were hidden and you will also be able to go up the elevator to the Rockstar building where the "g" spot mission was carried out (credits to Yazlow)Maybe in this building you will see some collisions that do not match but the fixed models that are on the internet have a terrible bug with the windows in slow motion and 60 fps those models are too large so I preferred to stick with the original models. (Credits to Yazlow for the mods). 041b061a72

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