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Washington On Your Side ((FULL))

After Hamilton's easy win in the previous cabinet battle, Jefferson, Madison, and Burr together realize how much power Hamilton holds, as well as how much power he has taken from them. Convinced that Hamilton's power is firm only as long as he has Washington's support, they sing about how easy it must be to have such power with a political body and military leader on your side, and about how he is a fraud, and nothing without Washington. For example, the lyrics 'the emperor has no clothes' essentially means Hamilton is a fraud and a liar.

Washington on Your Side


In the days in which we are living, it is more important, now than ever before, to have someone on your side. Friendship, in this age of physical distancing, is a much-needed commodity. It is important to feel like you have someone in your corner; someone you can count on; someone who has your back.

Perhaps in the friendship of Hamilton and Washington, we can think of people in our own lives who have offered friendship like this to us. Who are the people in your life who have always been by your side, offering encouragement, support, and friendship? And how can you be a friend to someone else? How can you offer encouragement, support, and friendship to someone else today?

The Ford Foundation president is literally doubling down on their mission to support essential justice and arts organizations, through a creative and unprecedented financial tool. But, says Walker, the rest of the work is ours to do.

It's up to all of us to take the investment the rest of the way, he says. Consume art, yes, especially from makers different than you. But don't stop there. Find a smaller justice organization near you and share your strengths. "Find ways to offer the expertise that lies within corporations to help organizations be more resilient," he says. "And by that I mean join their board. Support their fundraising efforts. Be their advocate. Introduce them to your network. Make your in-house talent in marketing or financial services available to strengthen the infrastructure of these organizations."

Washington informs Hamilton that Jefferson has stepped down from his seat in the Senate in order to run for President. Hamilton is sure that Jefferson doesn't have a chance against Washington, but Washington wants to retire, in order to inspire a fair democracy. He wants Hamilton to help him write an address to the people to say goodbye. While Hamilton is against it at first, Washington eventually convinces Hamilton to help him. Washington and Hamilton sing the address together. By the end of the song, Washington has taken over, saying goodbye not only to the American people but to the musical's audience as well.

The musical is meta-theatrical in that it acknowledges the presence of an audience at various points and the audience is asked to stand in for various groups of people in the narrative. For instance, when Washington resigns from the presidency, he sings his address as a goodbye to the American people. At some point during the song, he begins singing directly to the audience, and the audience becomes a proxy for the American citizens during Washington's presidency. The stage itself comes to represent the government, and the authority wielded by the performer playing Washington represents the authority of the character, Washington. This simple trick blends the play world and the stage world in ways that further involve the audience in the action.

Until now, Hamilton has been a lively and rambunctious character, and his music has reflected this scrappiness and fortitude. As his fortune begins to take a turn for the worse, and his reputation hangs in the balance, he sings "Hurricane," an emotionally wrenching song that tells about his past as a hurricane survivor and an orphan. For the first time, we see Hamilton's more vulnerable side, as he sings honestly about the various hardships he has endured. He is facing a reckoning moment in his life, coming to terms with the consequences of his missteps and is beginning to evaluate his own sense of integrity, in light of all the trials he's been through.

"We're all here because we love Denzel," said Lee, who has directed Washington in four movies ("Mo' Better Blues," ''He Got Game," ''Malcolm X" and "Inside Man"). "Denzel represents our black manhood."

Washington stayed alert and amused throughout the evening, laughing heartily when Jodie Foster said that they were all there to, "kiss your black a--," and yelling "Let it out, Morgan!" when Freeman took a long pause after announcing with an expletive how jealous he was. He and Lee were as playful as schoolboys during the "hoodwinked and bamboozled" speech from "Malcolm X," reciting the lines along with the reel, and he accepted a long line of well-wishers during the dinner break.

"She is holding up a mirror for people who look like you and me to see ourselves, saying, 'You are beautiful and your stories matter,'" Beyoncé said. "She stays authentic to her roots and femininity in an industry dominated by men."

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"Apart from the scientific aspect and understanding of it, he was leaning on the characters to help tell the story," Washington says. "We weren't just a side piece, he was leaning really heavily on the performances and our understanding of the characters to help tell the story the best way we could."

India all-rounder Washington Sundar termed their loss to New Zealand in the opening T20I here as a ''one-off'' defeat and backed the hosts to bounce back in the three-match series. Chasing an competitive 177, India's top-three, including in-form Shubman Gill (7) were dismissed for just 15 runs inside 19 balls, making the task difficult for the remaining batters with the home team settling for 155 for 9, handing New Zealand a 21-run win, their first victory of the tour on Friday night.

''I think it was just a one-off game,'' said Washington, who scored a quickfire 28-ball 50, besides returning with tidy figures of 2/22. ''I don't think that just because it was spinning so much, we have to address anything. Just that one-off game. Had we got off to a flier or a better start, things would've been much different. Obviously, it did spin, and you will see such wickets here and there. ''...people over here and players in our team have played on such wickets in the IPL and even in the Indian team. So, just that one-off game where certain things didn't go our way,'' he added.

''Do you really think a change is needed? If you don't get your favourite biryani in one of the restaurants, you will never go to that restaurant?'' ''All of them have made so many runs. It's just one day. It happens to anyone -- even New Zealand collapsed in Raipur (108 all out in 34.3 overs in the second ODI),'' Washington said. ''It did not mean they had to change their top order. It's a game where anything can happen. We will have to be patient. At the end of the day, it's a sport where both teams cannot win and all 22 players cannot perform. All of them have done well to get to this stage.'' The 23-year-old backed left-arm pacer Arshdeep Singh, who registered poor figures of 4-0-51-1 and young pace sensation Umran Malik, who conceded 16 runs in the only over he bowled during New Zealand's innings.

''He (Arshdeep) has taken so many wickets -- for India and in the IPL. We are also human beings, we also want to play the sport. When the competition is very high, and the opposition is of the highest quality such things can happen,'' Washington said in support of his teammate. ''The way he (Malik) bowled against Sri Lanka and New Zealand (in ODIs) that's why we all know he's here. He's an X-factor, someone who bowls above 150 consistently and that's a rare quality.'' Washington went on to hail the team management under head coach Rahul Dravid. ''...also with this management, they are very calm and patient, keen as long as we are learning from all the mistakes, that's an amazing quality. Going forward, we will be a very very strong side,'' he said. He also praised Kiwi all-rounder Daryl Mitchell for his unbeaten 59 off 30 balls, which eventually made the difference.

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