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Alex Cross

The theatrical release poster featured the tagline, "Don't ever cross Alex Cross", The Playlist at indieWire was critical of the tagline, saying that "it'll be impressive if anything dumber appears on a movie poster this year".[12]

Alex Cross


The killer is a wicked piece of work, who first appears as the Butcher of Sligo at a private cage-arena fight in order to win the attention of the billionaire's mistress, who is turned on by brutal bloodshed. He's played by Matthew Fox, who you have seen many times but never like this. He has lost so much weight and added so many muscles that the veins creep across his arms like worms just beneath the surface. (The Frenchman, oddly, is played by the action star Jean Reno, who seems to have taken the weight Fox lost and added it to his face and neck).

This is the first film Tyler Perry has appeared in that isn't his own personal work. He is best known, of course, as Madea, the 6-foot-5 matriarch Perry plays as a cross-dressing signature role. "Alex Cross" would perhaps have been much improved with Medea in the title role.

Dhanani Group Inc. and its subsidiaries, the second largest quick-service restaurant franchisee group in the United States, with 849 restaurants across 23 states, in connection with an out-of-court workout and refinancing in the form of a $500 million credit facility provided by a group of lenders led by Monarch Alternative Capital LP

In addition to the thrillers, Patterson also has several novels for children and young adults and vigorously promotes his ongoing campaign to get children interested in reading. Earlier this year, he teamed up with two-time Miami Heat champion and New York Times bestselling author Dwayne Wade (A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger than Basketball) for a national online webcast for kids across the country.

It's a strange sort of film that casts Gallic tough guy Jean Reno as a clean-fingernailed mogul while employing cross-dressing comic Tyler Perry as a guy capable of hand-to-hand combat with someone called The Butcher of Sligo. To play the lean assassin, Fox evidently trained (and dieted) for months. Perry doesn't appear to have made comparable effort. The two men's combat would look hopelessly mismatched, except that director Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious) shot and edited it so incoherently; the murky scene's camera movements are more violent than the blows.

Patterson donated over thirty-five million in funds to Manhattan Collage, University of Wisconsin, and Vanderbilt University. He has also established several hundred scholarships at different universities and colleges located across the country. He has also helped the U.S. forces read, enabling the donation of over a million books to overseas soldiers and those serving at home.

I liked the Alex Cross books and some others. Now we have books By John Doe with James Patterson or the other way around. I recently read an article that said that anymore Patterson writes an outline and someone else writes the book. Other than Alex cross I never have cared much for his books anyway. 041b061a72

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