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Roman Young

Showdown At Area 51 [PORTABLE]

I was born and raised in southern Nevada, but all one really needs to do is spend about, oh, 5 seconds there to know that the real area 51 and surroundings looks NOTHING like what it looks like in this horrendously bad movie.

Showdown at Area 51

To close out the first, Curry stole a pass from J.J. Barea with 1.9 seconds left, pulled up from behind the line and beat the buzzer. It was essentially a 4-point play after Nowitzki was called for a technical foul arguing on the play, and Curry converted the free throw to open the second quarter and give the Warriors a 43-36 lead.

In one of the most anticipated games of the season, Ohio State travels to Texas for an intriguing non-conference matchup against TCU. Although the contest will be played down the road from Fort Worth at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Buckeyes fans travel well so it should be a fan-neutral environment. And with a few dozen NFL prospects on the field, several pro scouts will join those fans in attendance for this showdown.

When discussing the top quarterback prospects for the 2019 draft class, Auburn redshirt junior QB Jarrett Stidham (6-2, 219 lbs, 4.72, #8) belongs near the top of the list. His arm talent and athleticism are NFL-quality and his ball placement and decision-making continue to improve. One area of concern is his vexing reaction to pressure, dropping his eyes and not creating second-chance throws. Led by junior DT Rashard Lawrence (6-3, 303 lbs, 5.18, #90), LSU should have the edge in the trenches, which will force Stidham to quicken his reads and show off his mobility. He has yet to throw an interception in 2018, but redshirt sophomore CB Greedy Williams (6-1, 189 lbs, 4.47, #29), who collected his first interception of the season last week, will be looking to change that. Williams is leaner than ideal, but his twitchy athleticism and length make him a nightmare for receivers in man coverage.

After a disappointing 0-2 start, Colorado State bounced back in a big way last week with the upset win over Arkansas. The Razorbacks had few answers for redshirt Junior WR Preston Williams (6-3, 212, 4.54, jersey, #11), who played up to his potential and finished with 12 receptions for 154 yards and two touchdowns. He will face another SEC defense on Saturday when the Rams travel to Gainesville, giving Williams the stage to again showcase his talents for scouts. Having started his career at Tennessee, the former five-star recruit has played at Florida before and understands what to expect against top-tier defenses. With his size/speed combination, Williams has the freakish skill-set to make an NFL impact. However, he is still raw in areas and scouts are doing extra homework on his background, including his departure from Tennessee and two misdemeanor arrests after he arrived at Colorado State involving arguments with his girlfriend. 041b061a72

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