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Water Rocket Extended Essay

I'm a bit stuck on narrowing down my topic to a specific research question. Currently I have a few ideas on optimizing the mass of water, or investigating air resistance, but they all seem too trivial. I also had a small look at a steam rocket, but that seems it may take up a bit too much of my time to build.

water rocket extended essay

Try changing the nozzle transverse area for your independent variable to see how propulsion may vary in relation with the size of the radius. You can come up with a pretty interesting EE with this, considering other variables which might affect the water bottle rocket such as air resistance.

Ruskin's social view broadened from concerns about the dignity of labour to consider issues of citizenship and notions of the ideal community. Just as he had questioned aesthetic orthodoxy in his earliest writings, he now dissected the orthodox political economy espoused by John Stuart Mill, based on theories of laissez-faire and competition drawn from the work of Adam Smith, David Ricardo and Thomas Malthus. In his four essays Unto This Last, Ruskin rejected the division of labour as dehumanising (separating the labourer from the product of his work), and argued that the false "science" of political economy failed to consider the social affections that bind communities together. He articulated an extended metaphor of household and family, drawing on Plato and Xenophon to demonstrate the communal and sometimes sacrificial nature of true economics.[100] For Ruskin, all economies and societies are ideally founded on a politics of social justice. His ideas influenced the concept of the "social economy", characterised by networks of charitable, co-operative and other non-governmental organisations.

In August 1871, Ruskin purchased, from W. J. Linton, the then somewhat dilapidated Brantwood house, on the shores of Coniston Water, in the English Lake District, paying 1500 for it. Brantwood was Ruskin's main home from 1872 until his death. His estate provided a site for more of his practical schemes and experiments: he had an ice house built, and the gardens comprehensively rearranged. He oversaw the construction of a larger harbour (from where he rowed his boat, the Jumping Jenny), and he altered the house (adding a dining room, a turret to his bedroom to give him a panoramic view of the lake, and he later extended the property to accommodate his relatives). He built a reservoir, and redirected the waterfall down the hills, adding a slate seat that faced the tumbling stream and craggy rocks rather than the lake, so that he could closely observe the fauna and flora of the hillside.[165]

Given that world studies extended essays may only be submitted in English, French or Spanish if a student wishes to use language as one of their disciplines for exploring a global issue then they must do so in the context of how the language may affect an understanding of that global issue. For example, they may be interested in exploring attitudes to refugees in Germany and choose to examine how the German language may influence perceptions using newspaper reports, etc. The essay however, will be written in English.

What ties western art together? This extended essay attempts to distill some of the basic ideas with which artists and observers of their art have grappled, ideas worthy of ongoing consideration and debate. The fostering of visual creativity as it has morphed from ancient Greece to the present day, the political and economic forces underpinning the commissioning and displacement of art, and the ways in which contemporary art relates to past periods of art history (and in particular, the Renaissance), are among the topics broached.

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