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4 Photo de Shinobi: Show Off Your Ninja Skills with this Naruto Game APK

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4 photo de shinobi apk

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Another of Naruto's prominent traits is his desire for acknowledgement; his pranks around the village were for people to notice him, even if it meant by scolding him. Therefore, he dreamed of one day becoming Konoha's Hokage, the epitome of acknowledgement and respect from everyone in the village.[36] Knowing his dream is a long, arduous and seemingly impossible path, Naruto developed his own nindō of never going back on his word. This life-long philosophy serves as the cornerstone of Naruto's great self-confidence; he believes he can accomplish any goal with enough hard work and perseverance, no matter what. This trait guides him in many aspects of life, such as his promise to bring Sasuke back to Konoha. Over time, his goal to be Hokage grew from a desire for the acknowledgement of others to a desire to help and protect the people close to him, which Tobi attributed to the Will of Fire.[37] His nindō has since been reinforced by his understanding that shinobi were meant to endure through hardships.[38] His belief in hard work and perseverance made him detest shortcuts to achieving, as he disqualified his son from the Chūnin Exams for using the banned Kote, and expressed disgust at Momoshiki and Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki for their reliance on harvesting from Chakra Fruits to lazily gain power.[39]

Originally, Naruto was a rather inept ninja, failing to graduate from the Academy three times. Through sheer determination and training however, his skills rapidly improved to defeat strong genin like Neji Hyūga, Gaara, and Kabuto Yakushi, earning acknowledgement from all the Sannin for his potential.[54] Under various tutelage, Naruto was able to defeat various members of Akatsuki, ultimately earning praise from Konohagakure as a Hokage-material hero.[55] Naruto's personally defeated various reincarnated Kage[56] and jinchūriki during the Fourth Shinobi World War,[57] with many believing he was the central key to winning the battle.[58][59][60] By adulthood, his prowess made him the Seventh Hokage, regarded as the strongest shinobi in history[61] and having command of overwhelming jutsu.[62] With the combined might of Sasuke Uchiha, noted as his only rival in power as a shinobi,[39] they are said to be able to destroy the world.[63] Together, they overpowered Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki who absorbed Kinshiki Ōtsutsuki, and pushed Jigen's body to its limit. Overall, he could compete against if not defeat world-threatening opponents, such as Madara Uchiha, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, Toneri Ōtsutsuki, and while fighting at his absolute peak managed to overwhelm Isshiki Ōtsutsuki.

Using a shadow clone as a decoy, Naruto escaped from the inn and followed Kakashi, arriving just in time to save Sakura from being killed by Sasuke. He tried once more to reason with Sasuke, sympathising with his pain and acknowledging Itachi's sacrifice. However, Sasuke was unmoved and declared his resolve to destroy Konoha and sever the Uchiha's connection to the shinobi world. Naruto then clashed his Rasengan with Sasuke's Chidori, realising that everything in his life he could have easily gone down the same path of Sasuke. Despite his jealousy of him, he had come to like Sasuke and was glad to have met him. Undeterred, Sasuke gave Naruto two options: kill or be killed; Naruto chose neither. Tobi and Zetsu arrived and prepared to depart with Sasuke. Naruto resolved that if he and Sasuke were to battle again, they would kill each other, but he was willing to accept it as he would shoulder Sasuke's hatred alone. Sasuke vowed to kill Naruto first and left with Tobi and Zetsu, while Naruto and his teammates returned to Konoha, with the captive Karin. Naruto explained the situation to his friends and asked to fight Sasuke alone, determined to get stronger for their upcoming battle.

On Boruto's first day as a genin, Naruto managed to get some time to have breakfast with his family and see Boruto off to be assigned his team. After Boruto left, Shikamaru went to Naruto's house to collect him and inform him of his various duties for the day. Later on, Naruto was in a field testing a number of shinobi's skills in Barrier Ninjutsu to better protect the village with Mirai Sarutobi as his escort for the day. When Boruto and his teammates came to him, he was thinking that they want to change teams, but was pleasantly surprised when instead they want their team denomination to be changed to Team 7.

In the anime, when the Byakuya Gang began conducting heists throughout Konoha, their act of distributing their stolen wealth to the poor began gaining much support from many of the villagers, leading to a protest breaking out after the group fooled the villages into believing the Kaminarimon Company was corrupt. After shinobi determined that the leaders of the protest were being manipulated by genjutsu and freed them, Naruto and his clones appeared before the crowds and began quelling them with his speech. Straight after, Naruto headed towards the Land of Fire's border where he apprehended Gekkō, who had used the riots as a distraction to steal the Magnum Opus from the Ninjutsu Research Centre.

Later, Naruto remained busy with his Hokage duties and continued having a strained relationship with his son, Boruto. Konoha has grown into a large city under Naruto's leadership, although Naruto is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of being Hokage, leading him to create shadow clones to tend to his family and the villagers. When Boruto and his team report to Naruto after a mission, Naruto asked his son to address him as "the Seventh" instead of "Dad," and reminded him of the importance of teamwork, which annoyed his son, as he believed that he could handle anything on his own. Boruto warned his father to be home for Himawari's birthday party or else he will never forgive him. Katasuke Tōno then entered his office, requesting permission from Naruto to allow participants of the upcoming Chūnin Exams to use his new invention, the Kote. However Naruto refused on the grounds that it did not show one's true abilities as a shinobi. Naruto was unable to make it to his daughter's birthday party and sent a shadow clone instead. However, the clone ended up disappearing and dropping the cake when Naruto became fatigued, which enraged Boruto and caused him to throw Naruto's old, tattered jacket out the window. Naruto felt guilty for letting his family down and Shikamaru told him to go home and rest. The jacket was found by Sasuke, who returned to Konoha to ask for help in deciphering a scroll he found in Kaguya's abandoned castle. They met in Naruto's office where Sasuke mentioned his meeting with Boruto and this leads to them making a bet on whether the nature of a shinobi has changed in regards to Boruto, to which Sasuke says it hasn't and Naruto says it has.

[4 Pics Shinobi APK for Android Download -](^1^): This is an app that lets you guess the Naruto character from four pictures. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars and over 10,000 downloads[^1^].

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Naruto wasn't surprised when Boruto won the first test but after being advised by Shikamaru to reach out to Boruto, Naruto congratulated him via email, much to Boruto's annoyance. While the scroll was being deciphered, Naruto sent a clone to meet up with Sasuke and asked him if it was true that he was training Boruto. Naruto said that perhaps Sasuke was right concerning the nature of shinobi remaining the same, to which Sasuke agrees. Naruto was nervous about the outcome of the second test but after learning Boruto passed, Naruto was overjoyed. Later, he met with Boruto in his bedroom and personally congratulated him and told him not to lose against Shikadai. Naruto offered a fist bump, but Boruto only smiled as he didn't want his father to discover the Kote he was wearing. For the third test, Naruto chose to sit with Hinata and Himawari rather than with the other Kage as they watched Boruto fight in the third round and finally against Shikadai Nara. Near the end, Naruto suspected something was wrong after Boruto won. In the anime, he did not realise anything was amiss until Boruto's next match in the finals when he defeated Shinki. He asked Hinata to use her Byakugan and she noticed Boruto wearing a Kote (in the anime he realised the truth on his own). Realising that Boruto was using the exam-forbidden tool to advance his techniques, a disappointed Naruto confronted him in the arena, ordered that Boruto be disqualified from the exam and took Boruto's forehead protector from him, suspending his ninja status. He told Boruto they would talk about this at home, but Boruto lashed out at him that Naruto doesn't know how to give him a lecture when he's never home.

After the battle ends, Naruto sits with Sasuke and Naruto agrees Sasuke won their bet. Naruto proudly looked on at his son and stated that he would always be there to watch Boruto grow as his father. After returning home, Naruto posed for a photograph with Boruto, Sasuke, and the four other Kage. In the anime, Naruto hosted a shared birthday party for Boruto and Himawari as an apology for his actions during Himawari's actual birthday and brought home a cake for the family to eat. After Boruto punched Naruto, thinking it was a shadow clone, Naruto began scolding him, while Himawari asked for a piggy back ride. Hinata maintained order by threatening to throw the cake away. The next morning, as Boruto left to meet with his team and Naruto left to go to work, both wished each other to do their best and bumped fists with each other. While Boruto was giving a live interview on Konoha TV, Naruto watches it proudly from his desk.

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