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[S3E8] Double Date Danger

Nygma later proudly announces to Detective Gordon and Leslie that he and Kristen are now an item, and asks if they would join them for a double date. Gordon declines, but Leslie agrees to go, forcing Gordon to agree. This goes well, and Leslie notes that Edward is changing.[23]

[S3E8] Double Date Danger

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While at school, Gene learns that a girl named Courtney, who he finds irritating, is infatuated with him. While surrounded by her and her friends, Gene is pressured into pretending that he shares her feelings. As Courtney believes they are in a relationship, she constantly spends time around Gene, which irritates him. Gene finds himself unable to end his relationship with Courtney, and when he gets home, he complains about his situation to his parents, but they do not see the problem. Later, Gene is invited on a double date to the movies with Courtney and her friend, and Bob drives them. After Courtney repeatedly kicks Bob's seat during the drive, Bob begins to agree that Courtney is irritating and tells Gene that he should break up with her.

Norman paid Romero a visit at the prison and thanked him for sending the man to check on him. Romero warned him not to get too comfortable alone in the house. Norman returned home to find "Mother" learning French and "she" said that she would deal with Romero if he was intending to cause trouble. When Norman later met Madeleine in town, who invited him on a double date with a friend. He also met her husband, Sam, who he recognized as the man who had checked into the motel under a fake name to have sex with a unknown woman. Sam later dropped by the motel and told Norman that he would kick his ass, but Norman remained unfazed about this.

Chick also dropped by the house with roadkill, offering Norman the chance to go into business and split the profits 50/50. While on the double date, Norman was unimpressed with Joanne and tried to get under Sam's skin before talk turned to his mother. He excused himself to the bathroom where "Mother" appeared, asking him if he still liked "her". Norman got "her" to go out the window but then found "her" in his car. Noticing that Madeleine looked like "her" she asked him if he was going to be "that guy". Norman drove to a bar and in his "Mother" persona admitted that "she" was taking care of a mentally ill child.

When Caleb awoke and thought he saw his sister, he was actually being confronted by Norman dressed as "Mother", who was told that "she" was a grandmother. However, "she" refused to let him go and thanked Chick for staying around to help Norman. When Madeleine called by to apologize for the disastrous double date, he told her she could always trust him and when he returned to the house and heard the noise coming from the basement, Chick informed him that Caleb showed up two days previously wanting to kill him. Norman went back down to the basement and in his "Mother" persona told Caleb that both he and Norman were in love with "her" and that he had to die. However, in spite of "Mother" commanding him to kill his uncle, he found himself unable to do so and opted to release him with the order that he never return to the town. When Caleb fled the house, "Mother" chased after him and shot him in the leg before he was knocked down and killed by Chick's car.[44] 041b061a72

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