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Ballistic Knife Call Of Duty __EXCLUSIVE__

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Ballistic Knife Call Of Duty

The spring-action knife launcher can either be used as a melee weapon or to silently fire lethal retrievable blades. It is most effective at short ranges, but the most skilled Operators could theoretically land a deadly hit from extreme distances.

Cold War and Warzone players will also get the opportunity to use the brand new spring-action knife launcher called Ballistic Knife. This knife is pretty handy to keep on you for close combat but also perfect for stealthy attacks due to its retrievable blades.

The blueprint in question is for the recently added ballistic knife. With the shootable blade being such a recent addition, its options for bundles are limited. As a result, many fans with an affinity for the special weapon have flocked to the Disappearing Ink bundle. While the back comes with a brutal finishing move featuring the ballistic knife, it is the blueprint for the knife itself that has been turning heads. As shown in the key art for the weapon, as well as the preview of the blueprint, the actual knife is supposed to take the shape of a pen.

Fitting well into the 1980s Cold War era, this hidden blade would be perfect for an undercover agent. As such, many players took interest in the spy-like tool, forking over 1,000 COD points for the special variant. Unfortunately, some players have seen the purchase as a waste of money, as the blueprint is currently broken in-game. As shown by Reddit user TheSilentFoxyn, the in-game weapon looks nothing like the one advertised inside the bundle. In fact, it is no different from the default ballistic knife.

For now, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players will have to make do with the default version of the weapon. As such, anyone interested in the Black Inknife variant of the ballistic knife should wait until the fixes are made before spending their COD points.

With millions of active players worldwide, Call of duty is still one of the best shooter games in the world right now. With every new season in Call of Duty, the game brings a lot of new stuff and weapons to play with. One of the new weapons that players are excited to play with is Ballistic Knife, a spring action knife launcher. So, today we tell you how to unlock this popular ballistic knife in Call of Duty. 350c69d7ab

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