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Nt6x Fast Installer

As some may know the last version 1.5 had only Support for Win 2000/XP/2003.Fujianabc present an very easy approach to install Windows 7 NT 6.x fast installerbasically it's simply applying the windows image from install.wim and generating the boot files.He also discovered that the drive letter of a Windows 7 image can be (opposed to Vista) easily changed.So I have added that way of installing to WinNTSetup.For the driver installation:Every driver added in NT6.x windows will be added to the driver store.So it's not recommended to add countless driver, but rather more really required ones.NT5.x massstorage driver integration is possible thanks to Mr dUSHA powerful MSSTMake.exe toolTo the Unattend option:It's possible to use an unattend.xml to run the Setup unattended.But as the actual WinPE Setup Phase isn't effective in that way of install, all Winpe related settings inside the unattend.xmlwon't be applied.Ini config fileIt's possible to save all GUI-settings to a ini file:push Ctrl + S to save all settings to an ini.push Ctrl + L to load all settings from an ini.A WinNTSetup.ini file in the same dir as the app itself will be loaded automatically at startup.It also can be selected via command line:WinNTSetup.exe /cfg:"C:\mysettings.ini"more command line options

nt6x fast installer

Download Zip:

- /DisableHiberBoot - disable the fast boot feature of Windows 8, that can cause trouble in multiboot enviroments- /DisableHibernate - disable the hibernate functions- /DisableSystemRestore - disable the system restore functions- /DisablePagefile - disable the virtual memory and the pagefile.sys file- /DisableSFC - disable the system file protection of windows xp- /RunAfter:command - will run a command before reboot

- /File:path - defines the full path for the new VHD file- /Size:size - defines the size in MB or GB (ex. 25600MB or 25GB)- /Type:type - defines the type of VHD: fixed, expandable or fixedfast

This method is for installing a secondary Windows to your existing configuration. This method circumvents the original Windows installer limitation of being unable to install to external devices, BUT this guide does not specifically mention that following it will inherently made this external drive of yours a firmly needed part of your computer configuration (and that when it fails to boot or to modify your preexisting booting options, it will brick your system). As some other write, this guide is rather old and existed long before WinToUsb and other utilities existed. This method does not use booting from USB option, but makes this new Windows drive seem like an internal one.

The only thing that works right is ImageX.exe, all other lines in the installer.bat which manipulate the registry or call up DISKPART or BSDBOOT should be deleted. You will have to go online and do those by hand. ALL positive comments with smiley faces in them are OBVIOUSLY fake, I did not read any of this page before starting to do this.

I tried to use the script given here [ -nt-6x-fast-installer-install-win7-directly-to-usb-external-drive/] to enable the hard drive to be used on other computers, in order to see if it will solve boot problem, but I received a sysprep serious error.

BADLY needed clarification: you have to partition your target drive first, in disk management. first delete all partitions on your empty target drive by right clicking in diskmgmt. then create simple volume, 100 MB, NTFS, drive letter R for example (this is = system reserved aka the small sector containing boot loader for windows) and quick format. Next format the remaining large unallocated space, to K (or whatever letter other than A, B, and cant use C because the computer youre running this cmd on already has a C drive) NTFS and quick format. Then run the installer.cmd. Then the first prompt for OS partition thats where windows files will install, in my example K drive, and select R drive as the boot drive. If this method actually worked these are the steps you need but I think this guide is broken, or I cant find a solution for the life of me. wintousb doesnt work, as selecting my drive in bios afterwards it still wont boot, just crashes.

It works with 64 bit windows also. runs a little slower than having an actual HDD but surprisingly fast for a portable HDD. just follow the steps and make sure everything is good.You can also input this within the cmd window after restart and install so that you can run on any pc=

The WinToFlash utility has quite a lot of options and support for installing from XP right up to windows 8 using a USB flash drive. In addition to Windows, there are also some other related functions such as creating an XP/2003 recovery console and error checking. The program has 2 different modes which can be used depending on your experience level, a Wizard mode which offers to get you going in a few easy steps, or an Advanced mode which gives a wealth of options and more control over the whole process. The program requires you select a drive or folder as the source, not an ISO image. Sadly the setup installer includes the BetterInstaller adware and even the portable version contains adware on 1st run and also uses inline ads.

For Removable USB flash drives, be sure to choose the VHD option (for Win810) or it wont boot This tutorial does not make a Windows installer USB drive, it actually puts a copy of Windows 7 onto a USB drive and makes it bootable.

This tutorial as based on fujianabc s forum post NT 6.x fast installer: install Win7 directly to USB external drive and his excellent scripts (now with reg tweak by cdob from -USBBootWatcher is no longer required).

The instructions in that forum post 1 2 and some of the prompts in the installer.cmd file that fujianabc provides were however confusing and potentially dangerous (you could accidentally corrupt your system drive) - so I have slightly modified his script to make it clearer and easier to use.

A USB Flash drive will be quite slow (1-2 hours) to install and run Windows from, unless you use a fast USB 3 Flash drive, such as BUSBI Boost USB 3 (even on a USB 2 port, USB 3 Flash drives are usually faster than USB 2 drives, but not, of course, as fast as a standard USB hard drive or USB 3 drives on USB 3 ports).

De la descripción de los autores: Based on this, I wrote an "nt 6.x fast installer" which has the following advatages compare to the original M$ setup.exe: 1. You can install nt 6.x directly from iso file mounted by any kind of virtual drive.

Although NSIS allows you to build quite powerful installers, the "so low level language that it reminds me of assembly" that NSIS uses is quite prone to making mistakes and therefore, when you want your installer to do something more complex other than writing files, debugging is a must.

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