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Where Can I Buy Stamped Envelopes

The Sherborn Collection in the British Library Philatelic Collections is an important collection of 1841-85 Queen Victoria embossed 1d pink stamped envelopes. The collection was formed by C. Davis Sherborn and donated to the British Museum in 1913.[1]

where can i buy stamped envelopes

In August 1852, an Act of the US Congress authorized the Postmaster General to provide "suitable letter envelopes with such watermarks or other guards against counterfeits... with the addition of the value or denomination of the postage stamps so printed or impressed thereon...." The first result was the 1853 Nesbitt issues of stamped envelopes, which was named after the private contractor who produced them for the government.[2] When the different envelope sizes, knives, colors, dies to print the indicia, and denominations are combined, there are literally thousands of different stamped envelopes produced for the US.[3]

Siegfried Ascher was the first to try to comprehensively document all countries' postal stationery including stamped envelopes.[4] This was followed some 40 years later by the Higgins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalog. Though now out of date, it is still frequently cited since it covers all countries and no other comprehensive catalog has been attempted since. The H&G catalog, as it is known, describes stamped envelopes by the envelope size, the depicted indicia and its valuations, some corner cards, while sometimes disregarding envelope color.

The Scott catalogue is the United States envelope color and value of the indicia which is perfect for dealing with cut squares, but falls short of information needed to collect entires, i.e. the whole envelope. The United Postal Stationery Society has two published books cataloging U.S. stamped envelopes.[2][3] These books describe all of the other stated criteria plus the envelope knife making them the most complete U.S. stamped envelope catalogs.

British postal stationery to 1970 has been comprehensively documented[5] and Edifil is a Spanish company that has comprehensive listings for stamped envelopes of Spain, Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico.

Most stamped envelopes are collected as entires. In the 19th century the practice was to collect cut squares (or cut-outs in the U.K.)[7] which involved cutting the embossed indicia from a postal envelope. This destroyed the envelope. As a result, one cannot tell from a cut square what specific envelope it came from and, many times, the cancellation information. The manner in which the stamped envelope is cut before folding (that is, its knife) vanishes on a cut square. The envelope size disappears, too, with a cut square.

In collecting entires, a single indicium may appear on many different sizes of envelopes. Some countries have issued the same indicium on different paper types: laid and wove. Likewise it is common for the same indicium to be embossed onto paper of several different colors. Finally, two envelopes of the same size can have a different flap size indicating that they were cut from a different knife. Rarely, an uncatalogued color, or displaced surcharge, or albino indicium, or inside-out folding of the envelope may appear, in which case you have found something of value. All of these attributes relate to mint or unused envelopes. When you add a postmark from a used envelope to the mix, the collecting possibilities explode. What was formerly in fashion, collecting only mint examples, has changed because many collectors seem to find used PSE collections more interesting.[7]

Some postal stationery envelopes contain a corner card, a printed return address on the envelope, usually in the upper left hand corner. This can range from a simple town and country notation to an elaborate illustrated advertisement for a business. Corner cards are either applied by an after-market print shop or by dealing with the government related entity that produces the stamped envelopes.

Your many posts on social media are much appreciated if you direct all new people to this site first, so they can read our message and get the details they really need. Please do not post our PO Box address or give inaccurate information, causing people to waste postage, envelopes or make mistakes like no stamp or return address.

Get smart about costs! If you can join up with a neighbor or friend and add even one dollar to the envelope you get more seed back than if you sent 2 envelopes requesting free seed and it will save us all time and money. Please join with others and save valuable resources. One return envelope can hold several packs of seed.

Everyone, please take the time to research the best varieties of milkweed for your specific area, US Gov maps below are generally showing where these varieties are currently found. More detailed "Native" maps are on many other sites, review them for new research. If you have seeds to share please contact us. While there are about 80 milkweed varieties in North America many of these are not commercially available and we can not grow them in our region. Please include a note or we will choose the most productive we have for the Monarchs based on the return address.

Live Monarch will send 15+ Butterfly Garden seeds including Milkweed and growing instructions FOR FREE even if you can not afford a contribution. This program was started for schools and broke folks that wanted to help and could use some smiles. Just mail us a self addressed stamped envelope, one per household. A save the Monarch contribution is greatly appreciated to help offset the cost of the many seeds we give away, personally plant and plants we provide to schools and share with others by others that can afford to share in the cost. Please know any small contribution helps keep this campaign going. Thank you! Please read tips below.

Attention Educators: We love the hundreds of letters we get from your first grade classes and other students! Keep the letters coming but please remember we have a big expense in seeds and staff time to stuff each of those separate envelopes. We suggest you put all the envelopes or letters into one package and send that to us. You can then donate that postage to the cause instead of wasting postage and many envelopes. This also helps us get the job done faster for everyone. Thank you.

Attention Press: We love the hundreds and sometimes thousands of letters we get from your readers and hope to be an ongoing part of your outreach to your audience. BUT please remember this is a contribution based seed program that relies on the many small purchases in self addressed stamped envelopes that come in to cover the cost to buy and collect seeds, print, pack, open, read, count, answer questions, stuff, seal and all too often include postage on all those requests. We encourage you to send your readers to our site and or this page and make sure they understand our offering is contribution based. We have funds to cover a small percentage of free seed requests but have unfortunately been inundated from time to time with thousands of free requests for materials that have bypassed our web site and are a significant drain on our small staff and limited resources. Trust us, your active audience will definitely contact you if their requests are not filled, please help us keep this program ongoing.

The public is hereby informed that due to the increase in the United States Postal Service (USPS) rates for mailing of key package products effective 3 October 2021, applicants for Philippine Passport, Civil Registration (Reports of Birth/Marriage/Death, and Consular Mortuary Certificate), and Legal/Notarial Services are hereby advised to bring with them when they file their applications with the Consulate any of the following types of envelopes stamped according to the new/adjusted rates:

Applicants may encounter difficulties in receiving the processed documents/passport if the stamps attached to their Self-Addressed Stamped Envelopes (SASE) are insufficiently funded. Applicants are therefore advised to be guided by the new rates in their submission of the required envelopes.

Hand-canceling is when each stamp on your envelope is marked (or "canceled") using a hand stamp instead of by a machine. Hand-canceling invitations prevents stuffed envelopes from being torn by the post office's machine.

Customers have 60 days to obtain the first-day-of-issue postmark by mail. They may purchase the new stamped envelope sets at the Postal Store website at , or by calling 800-STAMP-24. They should address the envelopes (to themselves or others), and place them in a larger envelope addressed to:

After applying the first-day-of-issue postmark, the Postal Service will return the envelopes through the mail. There is no charge for the postmark up to a quantity of 50. For more than 50, customers have to pay five cents each. All orders must be postmarked by November 30, 2014.

August 21st: #10 envelopes with two designs, sold in packages of 10, and available at the end of September. First-day postmarks will be available.The designs will be based on the Snowflakes stamps from 2013.

5. Can I send a self-addressed stamped envelope with my request?Due to automation of the mailing process, the FBI does not accept return self-addressed stamped envelopes with Departmental Order requests.

All incoming mail will be accepted, excluding those which contain polaroid pictures, any kind of nude or partially nude pictures or drawings, raised decorative stickers, letters in envelopes which could conceal contraband, personal checks, cards, items which may be obtained on commissary, mail containing substances such as powder, liquids, etc., or any material not deemed acceptable by the Facility Commander. Letters containing any one of these items will be returned to sender.

In order to have paperwork notarized that you are in possession of, please contact the litigation coordinator at the specific institution where the inmate is housed. Attached is a link to the Litigation Coordinator telephone numbers. 041b061a72

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