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Zinovy Khokhlov
Zinovy Khokhlov

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Apparently, the turn-of-the-decade period between the 70s and 80s was the first golden age of NBA stars hitting the big screen. You had Kareem in Airplane!, Wilt in Conan the Destroyer and Sixers immortal Dr. J in The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh--the disco-era, astrology-fixated pro-ball comedy released on November 6th, 1979. It's utterly impossible to piece together what this movie is about from the title and poster alone--some sort of lucky magic fish that helps a team of ragtags and misfits to cheat their way to a championship, maybe, like The Sixth Man with a sturgeon replacing Kadeem Hardison--and after reading plot summaries from about a half-dozen sources, I still don't really have a clue. What I know is this:

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Dr. J stars in a movie about a rag tag basketball team made up of all pisces, because.... astrology and that somehow makes them play better?????? Full of elaborate dance numbers, shiny pants, fish, and an original soundtrack with all songs about (you guessed it) Pisces. 041b061a72

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