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Emilia- Big Big World Lyrics

AllMusic editor Roxanne Blanford wrote that the song is "gentle", arranged as a "pseudo-procession tune", "as if Emilia is taking her first cautious steps toward independence and adulthood."[4] Chuck Taylor from Billboard said that its "magic touch" is "manifested via sheer straightforward simplicity-in performance, production, and message." He noted Emilia's "delicate voice, ripe with vulnerability and hurt, tells of being a big girl in a big world who shouldn't see it as a big deal if her partner leaves her ... but she will miss him much." He also added that "allusions to rain and autumn leaves help set up a perfect visual of stark sadness and loneliness, giving the song a strong seasonal punch."[5] A reviewer from Birmingham Evening Mail stated that "this is another one of those Love It or Hate It records", adding that "it's incessant beat and simple rhythm will either drive you mad or drive you to put it on the CD player again...and again."[6]

Emilia- Big Big World Lyrics

Daily Record called the song "chirpy".[7] Swedish newspaper Expressen wrote that "Big Big World" is the "big, obvious hit this fall."[8] Göteborgsposten commented that with this song, Emilia "has a big, big hit".[9] Chuck Campbell from Knoxville News Sentinel said that the 20-year-old vocalist "assumes a sweetly fragile persona on the song, setting the mood with a sparse verse and chorus before the track folds in a shuffling beat and an orchestral arrangement."[10] Nina Cassidy from Stanford Daily noted that it "has a catchy beat, and the lyrics and music have a smooth flow."[11] Sunday Tribune called it a "sweet song",[12] while Sunday World described it as a "cracking single".[13] Kerry Gold from The Vancouver Sun deemed it "a song of such easy listening it could double as a nursery rhyme."[14]

I know this song! It is beautiful not only because of its catchy tune, but also because of its lyrics. Too bad this song is, and Emilia, is underrated in some parts of the world. Has Emilia released newer songs these days?

Pennywise returns to Derry 27 years later to wreak more evil, and the grown-up kids who defeated him last time return as world-weary adults. James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader are among the cast of this concluding chapter.

The world is overflowing with guns - as many as one for every ten people. Although in Britain, we are four times more likely to be killed with a knife than a gun, the threat of violence through fire arms has taken central stage in the media. The term gun violence encompasses intentional crime characterized as homicide and assault with a deadly weapon, as well as unintentional injury and death resulting from the misuse of firearms. A series of violent shootings in Britain, France, Germany and Switzerland have punctured the myth that Europe is gun-free. Internationally Britain has a low death rate from guns, France and Finland, for instance, have a much higher percentage. The overall level of gun crime in the UK accounts for less than 0.5% of all crime recorded by the police. However, the number of overall offences involving firearms has been increasing each year since 1997/98. Also alarming is the rise in the number of young people carrying real or imitation firearms. Gun crime in the United Kingdom is perceived as an ever increasing threat. (see Crime info website)

Consequently, Britain now has some of the strictest legislation in the world on this issue. Gavin Hales, a criminologist who has carried out research into gun crime for the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police, reiterates this point and believes "legislation has just about gone as far as it can and as far as it needs to go" (BBC News, 14th November 2007). He believes the focus of attention needs to be on the social and economic issues underpinning these problems.

Research on gun crime carried out for the Home Office suggests that illegal drugs markets represent the single most important theme in relation to the use of illegal firearms. Less officially, racism, rap and a lack of positive role models have all been blamed for the recent series of gun deaths. The Tory leader, David Cameron has blamed such violence on the lack of family values and our broken society, saying: "This goes beyond any one policy or any one government. I think what we need is to recognise our society is badly broken and we need to make some big changes, starting now" (Guardian Unlimited, 16th February 2007). A few months later (4th July), Cameron was quoted in The Guardian calling the music industry to "show leadership" by banning violent lyrics from songs: "I am not calling for censorship, legislation or the banning of content. I am calling on you [the music industry] to show leadership, exercise your power responsibly and to use your judgement. I know music plays a small part in all this. But I also know, unless we all fulfil our responsibilities, however small, we cannot hope to confront the challenge of our broken society." The finger has also been pointed at gory video games and violent Hollywood movies. The heroes of Terminator, Mission: Impossible and the Die Hard films, just to name a few major block-busters, all succeed with their explosive weaponry. It is certainly true that gang culture has been glamorized within the entertainment industry. Role models are misogynistic aggressive rappers, pulp-fictionesque hitmen and nihilistic Marilyn Mansons. The incitement to dominate, abuse and violate is deeply imbedded in the lyrics of many hip-hop songs. Snoop Dogg in "Tha Eastsidaz - Another Day" sings: "How much dirt have I done/My life has just begun/ I sleep with my gun/ My problems weigh a ton.../Live by the gun die by the gun." "Big Pun - Brave In The Heart" from Endangered speciesincludes the lyrics: 041b061a72

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