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Cisco 7911 Sip Firmware

Before using the Cisco Unified IPPhone models 7911G and 7906G with Cisco Unified CallManager release 3.3 orlater, you must install the latest firmware on all Cisco Unified CallManagerservers in the cluster.

Cisco 7911 Sip Firmware

The 8.0(1) firmwarerelease has been made available on Cisco Unified CallManager installation CDs;however, it will not be made available on due to additional bugsfiled during final testing. Cisco recommends that you instead use the updated9.0(3) firmware load,which is now available on This recommendation is limited to thisspecific firmware release and has no bearing on any other software or firmwareavailable on Cisco Unified CallManager CDs.

The Cisco IP Unified Phone Model 7911G and 7906G Firmwareversion 9.0(3) is also supplied in a zip file, as an alternative in case a CiscoUnified CallManager is not available to run the executable installer program.The name of this file is

I verified in the internet and i think that the pb was that you we were upgrading from an old version from my version i tried to upgrade from SCCP45.8-3-2S to the one proposed in this article.please could some one help with links to download the good firmware ? i have not a cisco subscription.

I have tried to use this method to install sip firmware on a Cisco 7911g and the update seemed to go well. with the phone registering and making outbound calls.however i have a few problems. first of all the phone shows a very brief error when booting (too fast to read anything except error cache). also the phone always requests files from the tftp server on initial boot. if the tftp is not running it just gets stuck on registering screen. final problem is that there now appears to be no web portal to access the phones these seem like symptoms of bad install or are they inherent with the firmware?

I have loaded the firmware for a 7911 from your site. Once the fimware is loaded, I can not edit SIP options. In the configuration for SIP I can scroll through the options, but SELECT or EDIT softkey do not appear.

We have been trying this for a week to register cisco 7911G with Asterisk 1.8 but nothing was helping. This article worked like a magic for us. The trick of putting nat = no under user context is amazing!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

I flashed 5 of these phones back 6 months ago with some difficulty (after trying different methods/firmware versions/network cables/switches etc I finally got them all working), unfortunately I failed to record my findings! Time to resurrect the blog!

Last week I found myself with a few more Cisco CP-7906G IP phones to convert from old SCCP firmware to SIP. Rather than using the xml.conf method I chose to hard reset (I could remember this is how I did it last time);

In conclusion, I think the bootloader on the phones needed to be upgraded to enable them to be capable of loading the 9.x firmware. Flashing them with the 8.x firmware first upgraded the bootloader and from there it was plane sailing! I have attached the two firmwares for reference;

I upload the sip image that you provide on my cisco 7906g ip phone, but still am unable to get register with asterisk. As i upload sip firmware the phone shows me unprovisone. Then i try different xml files to supply username and password but phone remains unregistered. Can you please send me the xml file.

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I usually use Asterisk for PBX-related fun, so installed the latest version on a linux box and set to flash my new phone with SIP firmware. By default, Cisco IP Phones ship with SCCP, or Skinny Call Control Protocol firmware, usually used with Cisco CallManager.

Flashing the phone with SIP firmware is relatively easy. Grab a copy of the firmware, in the form of a TAR archive, cmterm-6901_6911-sip.9-2-1-0.tar for SIP, or cmterm-6901_6911-sccp.9-2-1-a.tar for SCCP. Extracting either of these gives a list of files which can be placed in a TFTP Server for distribution to the phone.

The phone lights will flash red while upgrading, even though in the manual it says this means firmware failure. Just give it a few minutes (it shouldn't take more than about a minute, in which case there's probably an issue with your config file).

Before we actually flash our phone, i'll highlight one of the quirks of the 6901. It seems there is an issue in the SIP firmware with it not parsing the dialplan.xml file correctly, and hence taking almost 10 seconds from dialing a number to the call actually going through. I couldn't find a fix online despite a lot of searching, hence, I'd recommend that you keep it on SCCP firmware for use with Asterisk.

When it comes to configuration, I chose to keep mine very simple, using sccp.conf.minimal from the conf/ directory of the git repo to configure my device. The nice thing about the SCCP firmware is that the dialplan is handled by asterisk itself, which pattern-matches numbers as you press them, rather than by the phone. This means you get ultra-fast dialing to any extension registered in your PBX by default!

تلفن cisco 7911 تا سال 2017 در سایت سیسکو پشتیبامی فنی و فرمور داشته و بعد از توقف تولید و عدم پشتیبانی توسط سیسکو در سایت ها مشابه پشتیبانی میشود به همین منظور ما تصمیم گرفتیم فایل های فرمور SIP , SCCP رو برای دانلود کاربران قرار دهیم. در بعضی موارد و با توجه به ورژن تلفن فرمور ورژن پایین به تلفن نمی خورد و مجبور به نصب فرمور ورژن بالا هستیم برای همین چند ورژن متفاوت برای دانلود قرار دادیم .

So it requests the first file but then dies on the Jar11sip.8-2-2ES4.sbn. Strange! After looking in the tftp folder I noticed that the file was there as expected. After some head scratching I ran strings against term11.default.loads which tells the phone what firmware files to download.

These instructions were created after hours of trying to understand firmware upgrading on the 7940s. I captured packets, messed with files, and distilled my frustrations into (what I hope is) a comprehensive article. Your mileage may vary based on the firmware you have installed and the firmware you are upgrading to, since Cisco seems to mess with this process a lot (because, you know, why would we even dream of being consistent?). However, the basic idea behind the upgrade is fairly simple:

There are many different DHCP servers that you can use to accomplish this process, but I just used the one on my Meraki MX60. The server must be able to serve an IP address and DHCP option 150 to the phones. Option 150 specifies the TFTP server that the phones will use to obtain their configuration and firmware. TFTPD32 also includes a DHCP server, but I have not used it.

Plug in your phones and perform a factory reset on them. Consult official Cisco documentation to find the specific instructions for factory resetting your phone. I used these instructions for my 7940. Once the phone boots, it will request an IP and the TFTP server address from the DHCP server. It will then download the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file from the tftp server and compare the loadInformation against the currently installed firmware. When it realizes that they are different, it will request all of the necessary firmware files from the tftp server. If you are using TFTPD32, you should be able to observe this process in the GUI.

it is a good topic but from where can i download these files. i have a cco login but i cant find the following file. so, please if you have a step by step on converting sccp to sip on cisco ip phone 7911, send it to me.

I am trying to change the firmware of my 7960 from sccp to sip. I have got a cisco 1760 router which I use as CME4.0 which I use as tftp server as well. This is all for doing some self study for Voice CCNA.

Configuring a Cisco 7911 IP phone to my NodePhone service. It already has the SIP firmware loaded (SIP11.8-4-1S) and theoretically all that should be required is the SEP(mac address).cnf.xml file and dialplan.xml. At present the phone is stuck in a "Registering" state and the following items are logged in Status Messages:

Fortunately the phone will set its clock based on the Date header returned as part of the SIP proxy's registration response (200 OK). Asterisk sends the Date header during registration, but some VOIP providers to not. Hopefully future firmware revisions will enable NTP when CallManager locale files are not available.Source:

Assuming 7911 has settings for those, what is the voipcontrolport set to? What are the start/stop media ports? Have all of these ports been forwarded?This may give you an idea when applied to your 7911 /forum-replies.cfm?t=1390896&p=6#r113

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