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Flu Breathalyzer Detects Virus, Not Alcohol [EXCLUSIVE]

The article, published in January 2017, explains in-depth how the single-exhale sensing device works and the research involved in its creation, which was funded by the National Science Foundation through the Smart Connected Health program. Gouma's device is similar to the breathalyzers used by police officers when they suspect a driver of being under the influence of alcohol. A patient simply exhales into the device, which uses semiconductor sensors like those in a household carbon monoxide detector.

Flu breathalyzer detects virus, not alcohol

If you have used an asthma inhaler in the time leading up to your breathalyzer, your BAC results are even less accurate. Asthma inhalers use alcohol to preserve and distribute the medication that helps with breathing. When you take a puff from your inhaler, roughly a third of the mist is actually alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the most frequent triggers of a GERD episode. Even just a few sips of a beverage can cause severe acid reflux. This becomes a problem if someone is suspected of a DUI. When you take a breathalyzer test with a lot of alcohol backing up into your throat, the readings are drastically off. A person might have merely tried a cocktail with dinner, yet they can end up blowing a result well over the DUI limit.

If a student is believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, officers typically respond with a breathalyzer or take action, often in concert with district officials. They may call parents, issue citations or make arrests. Schools also impose suspensions or expulsions for multiple offenders.

If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol after taking a cold medication, or if you have any other questions about NyQuil and breathalyzer tests, please call (760) 643-4050 to schedule a free initial consultation with Peter M. Liss.

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