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What are the different types of corner betting? Corner betting guide.

Corner betting is one of the noteworthy special bet types when it comes to football betting. In this type of bet, players place wagers on data related to corner kicks in a match. So, specifically, what is the concept and key characteristics of corner betting? Let's explore that in this article. We hope the knowledge and experience we provide will be useful for fellow punters.

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Concept of Corner Betting:

Corner betting does not belong to the main betting system in bookmakers' odds, but it is the most popular side bet. It's called corner betting because it directly relates to the corner kicks in a match. In this type of bet, players can choose to bet on corner handicaps, over/under corners, 1x2 corners, and more. This diversity is why corner betting is favored by many people.

Apart from being called corner betting, in English, this type of bet is often referred to as "Corner." The key characteristic of corner betting is that it doesn't have a fixed concept; its nature of play is based on changes related to the main betting odds. Currently, players have two main ways to participate in corner betting: pre-match betting and in-play betting (live betting).

Common Types of Corner Betting:

In corner betting, players have the opportunity to access various betting forms. Below are some typical corner betting types for your reference:

Total Corners Over/Under:

Total corners over/under betting is a popular choice. In this type of bet, players predict whether the total number of corners in the match will be higher or lower than the number set by the bookmaker. Information about the total corners bet is usually available before the match begins.

Corner Handicap:

Corner handicap betting is also offered before the match starts. In this type of bet, the bookmaker provides odds to balance the game. In simple terms, the team predicted to have fewer corners (the underdog) is given a certain number of corners as an advantage. After the match ends, the team with more corners (including the handicap) wins the corner bet.

1x2 Corner Betting:

1x2 corner betting offers three options for players: 1 (home team has more corners), X (a draw in corner count), and 2 (away team has more corners). The rules of 1x2 corner betting are similar to 1x2 match betting, but the outcome is based on corner count instead of final score.

Odd/Even Corner Betting:

Odd/Even corner betting presents players with two choices: odd or even corners. However, determining the exact number of corners in a match can be challenging, making this type of bet riskier, and as a result, it's not as popular.

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First Corner Bet:

Players accurately predict which team will be awarded the first corner kick and receive a reward from the bookmaker. This is a type of bet with an extremely high element of chance.

Last Corner Bet:

Similar to the first corner bet, in the last corner bet, players predict which team will be awarded the final corner kick.

Next Corner Bet:

The next corner bet offers players two choices: the home team and the away team. From the moment the player places the bet, the next corner kick will determine the winning team of this bet.

No Corner Bet:

The no corner bet is a bet in which players choose one of the two teams not to be awarded any corner kicks. This is a type of bet that players often choose for in-play betting when the pre-match odds for corner kicks are nearly 0%. For example, starting from the 85th minute of the match, if a player bets on no corner kicks, there is a good chance of winning.

Tips for Placing the Easiest Corner Bets:

Here are some tips to help you place the easiest corner bets:

Understand the Bet: Corner bets come in various forms, and players should understand how each type of corner bet works.

Choose Popular Bets: Players should prioritize popular corner bets such as handicaps, over/under, 1x2, and avoid bets with high levels of uncertainty, such as odd/even corners, first/last corner bets.

Combination Bets: Consider placing combination bets (parlays) to increase the potential payout when betting on corner kicks.

Select High-Profile Matches: Choosing high-profile matches makes corner bets more reliable and easier to predict.

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In conclusion, when it comes to corner betting, players have a variety of options to choose from. Select a common and suitable corner bet type for yourself. Don't forget to accumulate experience by learning from those who have gone before you.

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