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Tom And Jerry Theme Song

Korean A cappella group MayTree (previously) performed a rousing cover of the theme from the classic cat versus mouse cartoon Tom and Jerry. As the members of the group sang, a compilation of some of the most iconic episodes played along with them.

Tom And Jerry Theme Song

STRONG BAD: typing Look, you don't know what you're talking about, Shaheen again, Strong Bad pronounces "Shaheen" as "Shaheeeen", and the Shaheen special effect appears over the word Theme songs are just an excuse for showmakers to make less show. I'm sure viewership would triple if I had one of those crappy cartoon theme songs that bludgeons you over the head with the blunt end of the show's premise.

A jazzy instrumental version of the pop ballad theme song is played. Cut to Strong Bad talking into a microphone in front of Bubs' concession stand at night. End credits are shown over the scene.

STRONG BAD: typing You see, Shaheen? yet again, Strong Bad pronounces "Shaheen" as "Shaheeeen", and the Shaheen special effect appears You're basically asking me to dedicate 2 minutes of my 3 to 5 minute email show, to what is essentially a commercial for something you're already watching! And besides, I give you people a new sbemail song every freakin' week. Allow me to leave you with the old standard 'When Email Comes to Town, You Know, You Know, It's Like a Rainstorm... In Your Browser.' stops typing and starts singing When email comes to town, you know, you know, it's like a rainstorm... in your browser.

Funky theme song music is played and credits scroll by, while the Powered by The Cheat show preview squeezes into the screen; A red curtain is visible with spot lights moving over it. The text "Next! All new Powered By The Cheat!!! Later... Incredibly Local News" and the Action Cool News 5 logo slide in.

Bunnymaniacs is a parody of the Animaniacs theme song to besung by the Warner Bunnies (Bugs Bunny as Yakko Warner, BusterBunny as Wakko Warner, and Babs Bunny as Dot Warner) to themechanical pipe organ, while they dance and act like theWarners.

6.24pm: Leanne's being backed by a lone saxophonist, dressed in black. God, he's cool. All saxophonists are cool. I wonder why he's on The Voice? He should be doing something really cool, like parping out sexy riffs on the Passenger 57 soundtrack or inventing a theme tune for a mainstream 1980s sitcom about a hilarious policeman or something. GOD, saxophonists are so COOL.

In the VT, Ruth reveals that she's had a few ideas. Those ideas include the arrangement of the song and the number of backing singers she wants. Hopefully they also include not shouting so loudly that it makes my ears pop. But we'll see. We'll see.

Also, Tyler's backdrop for this performance is about 45 pictures of Tyler's face. That pretty much sums this up. That and the fact that he ends the song by saying that he wants us to "be his lay-yay-hi-hi-ooh-yeah-yeah".

7.11pm: Now here's Adam Isaac who, if his shot at a Foo Fighters song a couple of weeks ago is any indication, is ready to RAWK. Adam, you see, is RAWK incarnate. I know he doesn't look it. I know he looks like he should only ever play the Hollyoaks theme tune on a ukulele and a kazoo, but he's still the living manifestation of RAWK. Oh, who am I kidding? He really isn't.

7.18pm: Now for Jaz Ellington. Jaz is still one to watch, thanks to his ability to sing all the notes ever invented in every single word of every single song he sings. Up and down all the time he goes, up and down, like a theremin testing facility being attacked by wasps. And good for him. I suppose.

7.25pm: All the contestants have now performed their songs. And we still have 20 minutes left. Hopefully the remainder of the show will be spent with Reggie in the Vroom, just reading out misspelled tweet after misspelled tweet with an increasing look of desperation on his face and then crying. I've certainly got my fingers crossed.

7.31pm: Ah. There are team songs now. First up: Team Tom. This song is introduced with footage of Tom Jones and his team playing minigolf together. If you're not watching The Voice, then it's exactly as thrilling as I've made it sound. Exactly. 041b061a72

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