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Handsome Gay Porn Actor

The openly gay fifty-one-year old Aussie actor Murray Bartlett has earned his place in the spotlight. This talented, charismatic, and drop deaddy gorgeous man has enjoyed a string of massive hits recently, delivering some of the most viral television moments in recent years. (Namely, his truly insane ass eating scene in the first season of The White Lotus. But more...

handsome gay porn actor

Jack Wrangler, a ruggedly handsome 1970s-era porn star whose openness about his homosexuality made him a symbol of self-confidence for many gay men, died Tuesday in New York City from complications of lung disease. He was 62.

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Disclaimer: We have zero tolerance policy against any illegal pornography. All links, videos and images are provided by 3rd parties. We have no control over the content of these sites. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links.

Para Hunter Anderson abajo! Ano arriba para vean tu cuerpazo perfecto TOTALMENTE depilado!!! Soy Din Anderson:) porque tienes TODO; very good looks and the most breathtakingly beautiful asshole and (small) cock in gay porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

O'Neill is a Big Handsome Man or BHM, a genre of guys who exist outside the stereotypically muscular and trim male pornstar physique. They're the counterpart to BBWs, or Big Beautiful Women: extra-large men, appreciated by fans for their girth above the belt.

For decades, much of mainstream porn has been dominated by big dicks and abs that could grate cheese. Male talent like Lexington Steel, Rocco Siffredi, and Johnny Sins have risen to fame at least partially because of their fantasy-level physiques. But in the last five years or so, that standard has shifted. The rise in camming and independent modeling platforms has opened up a new world of body types, sexual expressions, and fetishes that studios rarely allowed or accounted for.

Big Handsome Men are sometimes seen as the straight side of "bears" and "chubs," two categories of talent that exists within the gay porn world. Bears include barrel-chested, hairy, or muscular men, and chubs are usually just plain corpulent guys. Bears have been around for a long time, as has queer porn that's welcomed and championed a wide spectrum of body types. BHM isn't limited to straight porn or heterosexual fans, either.

In the past, BHM and large men in porn in general have often the butt of a joke: The Minion's gimmick is letting beautiful women smear food all over him, and a search of tube sites for "fat man" and variants of the phrase returns a lot of degradation content.

Big guys have been doing porn for a while, but it's difficult to trace exactly when Big Handsome Man became a genre of its own. It's not a category on any of the major tube sites like Pornhub, xHamster, or XVideos, and doesn't have an award category in any of the major porn award ceremonies like AVN or XBIZ.

In part because of how slippery the definition of BHM is, and how scarce BHM representation is in porn, several of the performers I spoke to were mostly unaware they were even doing it when they started.

"I knew I was a bigger framed guy anyway, but at that time I didn't really consider BHM, I was just a bigger guy doing porn," Hektek, a performer and photographer who started his own production studio, told me. "It wasn't till probably six months, or almost a year later, that I even came across the term BHM... When God has given you a gift, you have to do what you do, you know."

Most porn is a fantasy; a performance of what viewers wish they could be, or scenarios they'd imagine themselves in. They can be extravagant, unrealistic, or as pragmatic as wanting to see yourself represented on screen. But in the adult industry, there's a market for just about everything; If it exists, there's potential for porn to be made about it.

O'Neill dipped a toe into the porn world when a friend who shot independent content asked him to join her for a point-of-view blowjob scene. After that experience, he decided to give the industry a shot.

"We're selling a fantasy to these customers; they're imagining being the ones having the sex," O'Neill said. "And we can fulfill that fantasy better if the people having sex look like the people that are watching the porn. And that's given me a great amount of confidence to go forward with what I'm doing."

The porn industry is far from perfect in how it represents diversity, and when it comes to bigger bodies, the whole internet is often against them: Women experience fatphobic algorithms that read them as more sexualized than their thin counterparts (and censor them as a result), queer and BIPOC content creators face more stigma than straight, white, cisgendered plus-size models, and "super-size" BBWs exist outside of society's range of "acceptable fatness." As men, BHMs have a lot of privilege that BBWs, and especially women of color in that genre, don't.

Nikki Sequoia, who O'Neill credits with helping him get his starts as a scene partner and industry confidant, told me that the porn industry is severely lacking in diversity. "Many companies use the excuse 'it doesn't sell,'" she said. "The problem with this logic is that they haven't included diverse body types in enough of their content to have any real data on the demand of such content."

BHM and BBW models are consistently in top selling categories on independent sites like Manyvids and Clips4Sale, Sequoia said. The demand is clearly there, but platform representation and industry recognition is lacking. "I do see some mainstream companies starting to add BBWs into their content lineup, but no one is bothering to give BHM a try... Vinnie's content is high in demand due to breaking those barriers and giving many men the ability to see themselves with these beautiful women, and giving many women who prefer bigger men a fantasy of being the hot model with the BHM," she said. "I feel that mainstream porn takes too much influence from mainstream media's idea of 'beauty' when in reality, the world is so diverse and we need to embrace it already."

The market for gay porn stars is much different today than twenty years ago, or even five years ago, for that matter. Although it is a little known fact that almost all male porn stars were in gay porn prior to doing straight porn, gay porn was still very much stigmatized until recently. Now, however, there is a huge market for all things gay, and porn is no different.

Just as in straight porn, the categories are absolutely endless. There is fetish porn, such as pissing and bondage. Straight guys going gay, twinks, shemales, monster cock, daddy porn, young porn, rough, orgy, gangbang, you name it, and there is porn for it. Since there is no shortage in gay porn demand, there is no shortage in gay porn stars either.

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We've been online since 1999, and all this time, GayDemon has gathered galleries with thousands of free gay porn pics. In this category, you will find the best gay porn pics, as curated and organized by our editor. Bloggers are free to use our website to upload and post top photos of man on man action, and they link to their own websites. By following any links attached to the top 100 gay pics displayed here, you will reach the websites from which the photos originate, where other hot content is offered. Use our top 100 gay images to discover new and exciting porn content that's all about handsome men having fun, sucking, and fucking each other. The hottest gay pics are all here, in this section, and organized by date, category, and popularity. The gallery is updated daily. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

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