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Roman Young
Roman Young

Rom Nes Fix-it Felix Jr 28

meanwhile, felix is having a hard time with his 15 children, as he is struggling to help calhoun deal with the new racers. while the racers are having a blast at the new track, felix, trying to be a good dad, tries to be the best parent he can be, doing all he can to make his children happy, but is losing himself in the process. the racers see how sad felix looks and want to make sure he is having fun, and drive him to the racers' home, where they give felix his birthday party, while felix begins to realize that the racers are not as selfish as he had thought, as they remind him of how he was when he was with them, showing him that they really are just kids and should be treated as such. the racers agree that while they've grown up a bit, felix still needs to be their dad, and after leaving felix, they drive off.

rom nes fix-it felix jr 28

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while the main gameplay can be completed in just a few hours, the later levels bring a greater challenge in that ralph seems to grow increasingly aggressive, with the later stages having him smash felix into the ground and even kick him across the screen, forcing the player to repair the windows while dodging and possibly even hopping ralphs punches to avoid imminent death.

as you move through the game, you unlock new windows to repair, with the later stages adding more elements to the game and having certain windows make a different noise as you repair them, making it easy to know which windows are broken or which ones need to be smashed open. there are also a few buildings that become obstacles in the later stages, requiring you to jump across windowsills or slide down window ledges to get to the top of the building as well as avoiding the spikes that are placed there, one set of which can also be climbed up while another has a green goo that is spewed out of it. at the end of the game, fix-it felix jr. also uses the mean mugges (which are actually cute), and with each mugge finishing, a cy-bug is released out of the window, with a new set of gems appearing where the cy-bug was released and the player needing to avoid ralph to get to the gems before they all disappear. the game also has a password feature, with fix-it felix jr. letting you save your game as long as you press the start button before moving ralph to a new part of the apartment, however if you press the buttons in the wrong order, youll end up with an "end of game" message. unlike the later stages, the game ends when you reach the mean mugges, and a new set of gems appear when the mean muggles are.

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