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This document seeks to provide evidence-based clinical recommendations for minimizing adverse outcomes associated with pregnancy with anticipated delivery at an advanced maternal age. To align with literature that has historically used 35 years as the threshold to determine advanced maternal age (see Definition), this document will focus on pregnancy with anticipated delivery at age 35 years or older. However, it should be noted that this is an arbitrary threshold and, as discussed later, some risks associated with older age may not influence outcomes until later ages (ie, 40 years and older). The importance and benefits of accessible health care from prepregnancy through postpartum care for all pregnant individuals cannot be overstated. However, this document focuses on and addresses the unique differences in pregnancy-related care for women and all those seeking obstetric care with anticipated delivery at age 35 years or older within the framework of routine pregnancy care.

If the main character is stating their own age, perhaps in a monologue or mentally, like "What have I done with the twenty-something years of my life?", than yah it is weird. But say the PoV character is looking over at a crowd of people and spots a young woman and thinks that she was a "Fine piece of twenty-something architecture" than I think that would be perfectly acceptable. It would seem stranger if the character made a direct reference to a specific age without a relationship existing between them in one form or another.

The older I get, the more I realize just how much of a difference there is between 21 and 25, between 24 and 27. The occasional person defies the standards of her or his age, but overall, the number tells me a LOT about that person's mental and emotional maturity. Numbers matter.

I'm having a hard time writing what I REALLY want my character's age to be, 38, because I'm told that (and this is really revealing my inner dream and sense of optimism) younger actresses looking for good movie roles, including those in their early 40s, won't accept a role where the character is over 30. !?! I know! Of course there's Cate Winslet who's taking roles decades older than herself, but that is rare. there seems to be a 40 year old cut off for top actresses, until they reach the Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep stratisphere.

I think it depends on the circumstances in the story, and the tone of the book. If the story's being told from the POV of a character who would use that expression, then it's appropriate. Saying either "Yes, you can do that whenever you want" or "No, you can never do that" is massive oversimplification.

I understand your point, Nathan. I mean a 21-year-old is far different than a 29-year-old, but it doesn't bother me that much. For one thing, even 21-year-olds are different from one another. I've known mature ones that seemed to be in their thirties, and I've known not-so-mature ones that don't seem out of their teen years yet. I figure the dialogue and action will tell me more than a specific age.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD ASSOCIATION OF the ATLANTA AREA, INC., and Planned Parenthood of East Central Georgia, Inc., Plaintiffs,v.Joe Frank HARRIS, Governor of the State of Georgia, Individually and in His Official Capacity, Defendant.

The Act provides that minors who choose not to notify their parent or guardian, or whose parent or guardian cannot be located, may petition a juvenile court for a waiver of the notice requirement. The Act provides that petition may be made by the minor's next friend. 15-11-112(b). The notification requirement must be waived if the juvenile court finds either: (1) that the minor is "mature and well-informed enough to make intelligently the abortion decision on her own;" 15-11-114(c) (1), or (2) that the notice "would not be in the best interests of the minor." 15-11-114(c) (2).

The Act provides only that once the petition is filed that a hearing must be held within three days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 15-11-113. The Act provides no specific time limit for a decision to be rendered on the petition but states that juvenile courts should give the petitions precedence over other pending matters to ensure a decision be reached "as expeditiously as is possible under the circumstances of the case." 15-11-114(b). The Act provides for "an expedited appeal" but gives no time frame for hearing an appeal or disposition. 15-11-114(e). The Act authorizes and requests the state appellate courts to make rules to implement expeditious appeal. 15-11-114(e).

In terms of relative risk between one gestational age and later gestational ages, Dr. Grimes testified based on a study at the Centers for Disease Control of 80,000 abortions between 1975-78 that at about 11 to 12 weeks the risk of a woman suffering a life threatening complication is .3 percent. Tr. at 155. At 13 to 14 weeks the risk doubles to about .6 percent. Id. At 15 to 16 weeks the risk redoubles to about 1.3 percent. Id. And at 17 to 20 weeks the risk increases to 2 percent, a sixfold increase overall. Id.

Plaintiffs in questioning Mr. Perrin were interested in the numerical relationship between the number of these judges and the number of counties they serve. Tr. at 93. Relying on data contained in the Directory of the Georgia Council of Juvenile Judges, plaintiffs compiled a breakdown to indicate whether a minor woman located in each county in the state would have access to a juvenile or superior court judge on a given day, assuming the judges responsible for the juvenile courts schedule their calendars in such a way to accomplish maximum coverage of counties on that given day. Tr. at 93; Plaintiff's Exhibit 4. The compilation, verified by Perrin, indicates that there are 41 counties in circuits where the judges responsible for juvenile court cover juvenile court for only one county.[9] The compilation indicates there are 13 other counties in circuits where the number of judges assigned to juvenile court exceeds or is equal to the number of counties in that circuit. Tr. at 93-96.[10] The compilation indicates there are 105 counties in circuits where the number of judges assigned to juvenile court is less than the number of counties in that circuit.[11] From this evidence, plaintiffs assert that even assuming the broadest possible coverage, 60 counties would remain uncovered by an appropriate judge on that given day. Mr. Perrin confirmed that the judges are not usually deployed to achieve maximum coverage. Tr. at 96-99. Mr. Perrin further testified that according to the current practice in the juvenile court, if the superior court judge responsible for the juvenile court is not sitting in the county where the minor resides, the minor must travel to the venue where the judge is sitting. Juvenile court *980 judges may travel at the option of the minor. Tr. at 100.[12] 041b061a72

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