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The Four Steps To The Epiphany Epub Download [PATCHED]

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the four steps to the epiphany epub download

It was the hour before the Gods awake.Across the path of the divine EventThe huge foreboding mind of Night, aloneIn her unlit temple of eternity,Lay stretched immobile upon Silence' marge.Almost one felt, opaque, impenetrable,In the sombre symbol of her eyeless museThe abysm of the unbodied Infinite;A fathomless zero occupied the world.A power of fallen boundless self awakeBetween the first and the last Nothingness,Recalling the tenebrous womb from which it came,Turned from the insoluble mystery of birthAnd the tardy process of mortalityAnd longed to reach its end in vacant Nought.As in a dark beginning of all things,A mute featureless semblance of the UnknownRepeating for ever the unconscious act,Prolonging for ever the unseeing will,Cradled the cosmic drowse of ignorant ForceWhose moved creative slumber kindles the sunsAnd carries our lives in its somnambulist whirl.Athwart the vain enormous trance of Space,Its formless stupor without mind or life,A shadow spinning through a soulless Void,Thrown back once more into unthinking dreams,Earth wheeled abandoned in the hollow gulfsForgetful of her spirit and her fate.The impassive skies were neutral, empty, still.Then something in the inscrutable darkness stirred;A nameless movement, an unthought IdeaInsistent, dissatisfied, without an aim,Something that wished but knew not how to be,Teased the Inconscient to wake Ignorance.A throe that came and left a quivering trace,Gave room for an old tired want unfilled,At peace in its subconscient moonless caveTo raise its head and look for absent light,Straining closed eyes of vanished memory,Like one who searches for a bygone selfAnd only meets the corpse of his desire.It was as though even in this Nought's profound,Even in this ultimate dissolution's core,There lurked an unremembering entity,Survivor of a slain and buried pastCondemned to resume the effort and the pang,Reviving in another frustrate world.An unshaped consciousness desired lightAnd a blank prescience yearned towards distant change.As if a childlike finger laid on a cheekReminded of the endless need in thingsThe heedless Mother of the universe,An infant longing clutched the sombre Vast.Insensibly somewhere a breach began:A long lone line of hesitating hueLike a vague smile tempting a desert heartTroubled the far rim of life's obscure sleep.Arrived from the other side of boundlessnessAn eye of deity peered through the dumb deeps;A scout in a reconnaissance from the sun,It seemed amid a heavy cosmic rest,The torpor of a sick and weary world,To seek for a spirit sole and desolateToo fallen to recollect forgotten bliss.Intervening in a mindless universe,Its message crept through the reluctant hushCalling the adventure of consciousness and joyAnd, conquering Nature's disillusioned breast,Compelled renewed consent to see and feel.A thought was sown in the unsounded Void,A sense was born within the darkness' depths,A memory quivered in the heart of TimeAs if a soul long dead were moved to live:But the oblivion that succeeds the fall,Had blotted the crowded tablets of the past,And all that was destroyed must be rebuiltAnd old experience laboured out once more.All can be done if the god-touch is there.A hope stole in that hardly dared to beAmid the Night's forlorn indifference.As if solicited in an alien worldWith timid and hazardous instinctive grace,Orphaned and driven out to seek a home,An errant marvel with no place to live,Into a far-off nook of heaven there cameA slow miraculous gesture's dim appeal.The persistent thrill of a transfiguring touchPersuaded the inert black quietudeAnd beauty and wonder disturbed the fields of God.A wandering hand of pale enchanted lightThat glowed along a fading moment's brink,Fixed with gold panel and opalescent hingeA gate of dreams ajar on mystery's verge.One lucent corner windowing hidden thingsForced the world's blind immensity to sight.The darkness failed and slipped like a falling cloakFrom the reclining body of a god.Then through the pallid rift that seemed at firstHardly enough for a trickle from the suns,Outpoured the revelation and the flame.The brief perpetual sign recurred above.A glamour from unreached transcendencesIridescent with the glory of the Unseen,A message from the unknown immortal LightAblaze upon creation's quivering edge,Dawn built her aura of magnificent huesAnd buried its seed of grandeur in the hours.An instant's visitor the godhead shone.On life's thin border awhile the Vision stoodAnd bent over earth's pondering forehead curve.Interpreting a recondite beauty and blissIn colour's hieroglyphs of mystic sense,It wrote the lines of a significant mythTelling of a greatness of spiritual dawns,A brilliant code penned with the sky for page.Almost that day the epiphany was disclosedOf which our thoughts and hopes are signal flares;A lonely splendour from the invisible goalAlmost was flung on the opaque Inane.Once more a tread perturbed the vacant Vasts;Infinity's centre, a Face of rapturous calmParted the eternal lids that open heaven;A Form from far beatitudes seemed to near.Ambassadress twixt eternity and change,The omniscient Goddess leaned across the breadthsThat wrap the fated journeyings of the starsAnd saw the spaces ready for her feet.Once she half looked behind for her veiled sun,Then, thoughtful, went to her immortal work.Earth felt the Imperishable's passage close:The waking ear of Nature heard her stepsAnd wideness turned to her its limitless eye,And, scattered on sealed depths, her luminous smileKindled to fire the silence of the worlds.All grew a consecration and a rite.Air was a vibrant link between earth and heaven;The wide-winged hymn of a great priestly windArose and failed upon the altar hills;The high boughs prayed in a revealing sky.Here where our half-lit ignorance skirts the gulfsOn the dumb bosom of the ambiguous earth,Here where one knows not even the step in frontAnd Truth has her throne on the shadowy back of doubt,On this anguished and precarious field of toilOutspread beneath some large indifferent gaze,Impartial witness of our joy and bale,Our prostrate soil bore the awakening ray.Here too the vision and prophetic gleamLit into miracles common meaningless shapes;Then the divine afflatus, spent, withdrew,Unwanted, fading from the mortal's range.A sacred yearning lingered in its trace,The worship of a Presence and a PowerToo perfect to be held by death-bound hearts,The prescience of a marvellous birth to come.Only a little the god-light can stay:Spiritual beauty illumining human sightLines with its passion and mystery Matter's maskAnd squanders eternity on a beat of Time.As when a soul draws near the sill of birth,Adjoining mortal time to Timelessness,A spark of deity lost in Matter's cryptIts lustre vanishes in the inconscient planes,That transitory glow of magic fireSo now dissolved in bright accustomed air.The message ceased and waned the messenger.The single Call, the uncompanioned Power,Drew back into some far-off secret worldThe hue and marvel of the supernal beam:She looked no more on our mortality.The excess of beauty natural to god-kindCould not uphold its claim on time-born eyes;Too mystic-real for space-tenancyHer body of glory was expunged from heaven:The rarity and wonder lived no more.There was the common light of earthly day.Affranchised from the respite of fatigueOnce more the rumour of the speed of LifePursued the cycles of her blinded quest.All sprang to their unvarying daily acts;The thousand peoples of the soil and treeObeyed the unforeseeing instant's urge,And, leader here with his uncertain mind,Alone who stares at the future's covered face,Man lifted up the burden of his fate.

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