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Ikm Java Questions 108

The most common exception in Java is java.lang.Exception. This exception is thrown from Java when a program runs into an unexpected situation. It can be used for programming errors as well as for program shutdown.

Ikm Java Questions 108

Java is a object oriented language. In this language, the object is the main element. It can contain methods, variables and constructors. Variables can be of different types such as primitive types (int, long etc.), object types (String, int etc.), primitive & object reference types (int&str etc.) and user defined types (Object, Name etc.).

In a thread, a piece of code is running in parallel to other threads. One thread is called the main thread or simply the main thread. The main thread of a java program is defined by the statement public static void main. The main thread has control over all of the threads that are part of its java program.

The Java program above is an example of a Socket Programming Java test. You will be required to make Java applications on the client/server sides that can transmit data across the network using the Socket Programming APIs of the Java programming language. The code above illustrates a basic Network Programming program where a client sends some text strings to the server and the server prints them on a new line. In this example, the test question will be to solve, declare and code the server program.

Java inheritance is very useful in OOP. One of the reasons why inheritance is so useful is because of the subclasses and superclasses. A superclass is the main class that you would design your classes to extend from. A subclass is a class that extends a superclass.

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