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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

Thirdly, and finally, Sahil wearing only metallic sherwanis throughout the film also appears to be racially motivated. He is described as a highly sought-after and successful wedding planner who even planned the wedding of the Baroness of Frankfurt. While this might seem like a way for his character to honour his culture throughout his business dealings, it is again odd that he is the only character of colour to do so. Especially when dealing with royals, most people, especially experienced business people would opt for professional attire that follows whatever royal protocol dictates. His only wearing sherwanis implies that they are typical pieces of clothing that are worn regularly. This is not true, as sherwanis, especially metallic and embroidered ones, are typically only worn on special occasions. This is another way Desi culture and people are disrespected.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

What is a Christmas movie without holiday music to perfect its festive mood? Last year's A Christmas Prince won over fans for its fluffy take on a journalist stumbling her way into the Aldovian royal family's coronation drama, but its cheery background music also assured us that no bleak plot twists were coming our way. Such is the case with the Netflix sequel A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Once you've calmed down from the exciting prospect of closing the year with another royal wedding, the Christmas Prince 2 soundtrack will launch you right into the holiday spirit.

This post contains spoilers for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding. Beginning a year after A Christmas Prince's surprise New Year's Eve proposal, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding follows blogger Amber Moore (Rose McIver) as she prepares for her Christmas wedding to King Richard of Aldovia (Ben Lamb). As our very own Meghan Markle displayed before her engagement to Prince Harry, the royals' press teams aren't exactly fond of new girlfriends sharing their private lives with the internet, and Amber soon struggles with the lofty expectations of decorum that the palace's protocol demands. As her blog is frowned upon and her wedding ideas are rejected, Richard faces a kingdom crisis when his modernization plans are only causing the country to lose money.

While it stays away from featuring seasonal tunes by Michael Buble or Mariah Carey (too ordinary for royalty, perhaps?), A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding includes the characters having their own classic holiday singalongs every now and then. In one scene, Princess Emily practices playing "O Come, All Ye Faithful" on the piano, and instrumentals of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "Joy to the World," and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" play in the background of a cozy family gathering, Amber's wedding dress fitting, and the local pub. To top off these throwback tunes, the character sing "The First Noel" together at the Aldovian Christmas tree lighting.

As for what Amber and Richard play at their wedding ceremony and reception, it looks like they were finally able to combine royal tradition with personal touches. Amber and her bridal party process into the church to Narciso Yepes' "Jeux Interdits," and in a true royal flourish, they have their first dance to "The Nutcracker Suite: Waltz of the Flowers." Amber's friends crashing the moment with a conga line probably wasn't a planned step away from protocol, but we can all relate to a relative regrettably starting a line dance at a wedding.

The trailer gives the idea the movie is about Queen Helena, played by Alice Krige, and the main character, Amber, played by Rose Mclver, is having conflicts with ideas for what amber wants in the royal wedding. 041b061a72

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