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Zinovy Khokhlov
Zinovy Khokhlov

Mercedes DAS - Xentry (Star Diagnosis) 1.2012 (1st - ORIGINAL We Utorrent [WORK]

a: the diagnosis at my s204 250cdi from 2013 works perfect and very fast. its like adream. b: mercedes sprinter year 2006 and 2014 works, both the diagnosis all the personal cars also works, no problem all the trucks including euro6 also works, no problem bus mercedes tourismo euro5 year 2010-2012 test works, but year 2014 euro6 does not work, it says that the license is invalid; both sdc4 and sdc5, we have tested both on the same cars, to be sure. the model number of the 286cde is vda 717 naa, we have tried to connect the vehicle to diagnostic port (sdc4) and the diagnose start, it will not continue with the diagnose code. the license number that we used is ok, there is no mistake. when i connected the vehicle with the port, the diagnosis has started with the code number 287070290, with the same number it did not continue working. the diagnostic software from mercedes can not continue the diagnose if the vehicle is connected to the port (sdc4) and after launching the diagnose code, all the other codes are in the range of 28901 - 29900 and for example, the code number 289000 does not work. the solution? it is a different software, code 29500 other cars that i use, which it is connected with the port (sdc4) and does not have problems in diagnosing the license, is the mini cooper (the only version does not have problems), bmw, vw and others cars. in this case, i hope that the diagnose software from mercedes will continue the diagnose with the code number 295000, may be in the next update? we will try once more to use this diagnose, in the form of access, and will tell you if we find another solution. for the moment, we recommend to not use the diagnose software from mercedes is because the software is a copy or in the later version version, but only as a copy version.

Mercedes DAS - Xentry (Star Diagnosis) 1.2012 (1st - ORIGINAL We utorrent

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