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Zinovy Khokhlov
Zinovy Khokhlov

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There were a few waifish young women I didn\u2019t know, but some of them knew me. They kept saying that I was much taller than they\u2019d imagined. And it\u2019s true, I am very tall, but they admitted that they\u2019d imagined me to be not just average height but actively short: a sort of Alexander Pope figure, four feet tall and ranting. I suppose I write like I\u2019ve got something to prove. They were all on edibles, and they were trying to decide who was the most autistic person in the scene. The consensus was that it was a poet called Tyr Williams who couldn\u2019t look anyone in the eye and had covered every wall in his apartment with hundreds of photos of Simone Weil. It was definitely not another poet called Micky Bazan, who couldn\u2019t look anyone in the eye and had covered his apartment in pictures of Gilles Deleuze and anime porn, but who had also started walking around in neon green shorts and a white tshirt printed with the words I AM THE MOST AUTISTIC PERSON IN THE SCENE. They asked me if I thought autists were the new cultural vanguard, and I confessed that I didn\u2019t really know about that sort of thing. This seemed to disappoint them; they\u2019d got the impression that I was one of those people who really has his finger on the pulse. I told them that I definitely wasn\u2019t, I just made things up with enough confidence that people believed me, just like I\u2019ve made up exactly 45% of everything I\u2019m writing here, and that my favourite writer right now was Hadewijch. Yeah fr, they said, you were fxckin with medieval poetry like six months before everyone else. You can\u2019t win.

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