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Attack on Titan 2 - A.O.T.2: The Best Way to Experience the Anime on Your PC

Turning Attack On Titan's giant enemies and grapple-hooking sword combat into a video game seemed like a tall order (pun intended), and one that a budget Koei Tecmo treatment seemed doomed to fail. And yet. As I explained in my Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom review back in 2016, the game absolutely nailed the series' action.

I can't imagine there are too many people pumped that two games from 2016 and 2018 are now cheaper, so maybe this post is just for me, but also the anime remains popular so maybe not. In any case, the first Attack On Titan is very much one of those seven-out-of-tens: an action game that lacks polish or depth, but which transcends those limitations by delivering a very particular thrill.

attack on titan game

When I reviewed the first game back in 2016, I called its 50 price tag "absurd". It has had regular discounts since then, and perhaps those discounts will be deeper in future, but if you're looking for something mindless, exciting, violent, like a fleshier Earth Defense Force, maybe now is the time.

Attack on Titan 2 falls prey to the same problems as the first game, but worse. The story is less enjoyable, as it covers very well trodden ground. This feels like a sequel that didn't know what it wanted to be, so it just became a retread of the first game. It's unfortunate, as the first was just fun enough to be a real fan pleaser, but Attack on Titan 2 falls flat where that one soared.

The gameplay is explosive and dynamic, the ODMG is an absolute joy, and there's enough content to keep playing for a very long time. A.O.T. 2 is a must-buy for anime fans and one of the best spin-off musou titles out there.

This is a strong, strong game by Koei Tecmo, and does the Attack on Titan franchise a great service. Sadly, that's a franchise that doesn't have the pulling power that it did a few years ago, but older fans will enjoy the opportunity to get a new look at the distinctive setting and world

I enjoyed the premise of playing the story through new eyes and watching these events unfold. Also, taking the time to read the character's journal offers a new layer of immersion for hardcore fans. Attack on Titan 2 is a game for the fans, and the story does well to include critical scenes that those fans will readily recognize. After a few hours, I found that I had mastered the ODM gear and could quickly take down any Titan that came my way along with seamlessly issuing commands to my party members. I was glad to be having fun because this is just what I needed to hold me off until season 3 of the Attack on Titan anime.

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While it does suffer from some performance flaws, Attack on Titan 2 is a wonderful way for fans of the anime and manga to relive the fight for humanity. With breathtaking gameplay and some great character interaction, you'll eat this right up.

The second entry of this game is as good as it is bad, fun as it is boring, which should have been the first entry of the series, the differences between the two parts a few, and this game is never worth the high price at 60 dollars, so if you want to buy wait until the price gets reduced.

Attack on Titan 2 is a much improved sequel and such a vast game - you can spend hours playing and it feels like there's still so much to do. Alongside some really solid gameplay, fans of the series will enjoy interacting with beloved characters, and while the storyline isn't going to offer anything new, you'll feel like a valued part of the fight against the giant menace.

A.O.T.2 is a game with an engrossing story which instantly gets you hooked and you will want to keep playing until the credits roll. The gameplay is full of action and is satisfying if a little repetitive at times. There are some issues with slowdown which I encountered and the game is not perfect technically on the Switch version but I can't deny that it's a game I thoroughly enjoyed and I couldn't help playing until the end of the campaign. If that's all this game offered I would quite happily spend the money on it. The fact that you get a decent online mode as well where you get to play some thoroughly enjoyable battles or that you can ask someone to join you on a mission is great and works well with no drama. Time will tell if the game has a lasting online community. If you can forgive some of the issues mentioned you will have a fantastically enjoyable action game and killing those Titan's just doesn't seem to get old! I will see you on the battlefield folks!

Omega Force managed to do something incredibly rare and impressive with their Attack on Titan games, they managed to make a totally brand new video game. Some trappings of the Warriors formula remain, but they serve to complement a fresh and unique core gameplay experience. I wish the involvement from my character in the story had been a little more significant, but the opportunities I got to mingle with the cast between missions more than made up for it. Attack on Titan 2 is one of the strongest anime video games I've ever played, not because of a perfect story mode or graphics, but because it creates a unique gameplay experience that could only ever be done with an Attack on Titan game.

If you haven't played the previous game, then you're in for a good time with Attack on Titan 2. The combat is fast but not mindless, as mashing on the attack button without thought will easily get you killed. It may lack the political intrigue of the anime and manga, but there's a great deal of story to digest, and there's a healthy amount of playable content. The lack of enemy variety means that the game is best taken in short bursts, but those with even a passing interest in the series will enjoy Attack on Titan 2.

Parents need to know that Attack on Titan is an action game based on an anime TV series of the same name. Players are tasked with killing many giant Titans, who look like humans but are dozens of feet tall, chopping off their limbs to kill them in a bloody fashion. Blood frequently appears to splash the camera lens during these violent deaths. Plus, these Titans are nude, with exposed buttocks, but you can't see any specific genitalia (think Barbie or Ken dolls).

In ATTACK ON TITAN, you follow the events of the animated show's first season (and beyond) by assuming the role of many of the familiar characters from the series -- such as Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, and Levi. You swing from forests to towns to find and attack gigantic man-eating Titans. Using your Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, you'll zip around from above and then drop down onto Titans with your blades to hack and slash them to death. These naked human-like creatures have to be killed a certain way, plus there are other objectives to follow through. Along with upgrading weapons and exploring new areas, you can also unlock some multiplayer missions that you can play with up to three companions online in Scout mode.

Fans of the anime and TV show will appreciate the detail of this game, but technical issues and repetitive play make it an average adventure at best. If you're a fan of the TV series, you'll no doubt appreciate the amount of detail put into this Koei Tecmo adventure. The developers cleverly and successfully infused the anime and manga series' look, environments, and story. Also, while the game borrows elements from the Dynasty Warriors catalog, Attack on Titan doesn't feel like the franchise was shoehorned into an existing gameplay mechanic. In other words, the game makers nailed the look and feel. Controlling the game feels good, too. It's fun, fast, and gratifying to swing over the tops of forests, towns, and other areas to look for giant Titans to hop onto before you begin to take them down one by one.

The problem is that repetition between missions tends to wear down the appeal of the game. While not all missions are the same (for example, you'll be tasked with escorting soldiers through a forest on horseback and protecting a structure on the map), some objectives are more fun than others, but they're not very unique or memorable. Boss characters also aren't very challenging. After a couple of hours, you might not be so keen playing, unless you want to go online and play some co-op with your buddies in Expedition mode (actually, you can get around quicker alone, so not everyone likes the multiplayer mode). While the graphics are decent -- if the naked human-looking Titans don't creep you out -- the game does suffer from some technical glitches (such as losing half a character's body in other objects) and from slowdowns in frame rate depending on what's happening on-screen or how close you get to the giant Titans. In other words, the game is decent, but some extra variety in gameplay and some time spent massaging out some technical issues would've made Attack on Titan a more justifiable game to invest in.

Families can talk about violence in games such as Attack on Titan. Although the violence is bloody and over the top, should kids be exposed to graphic violence where you slice limbs off human-like characters? Is it OK because this game is clearly not realistic?

Described as a "reverse Warriors game" by developer Koei Tecmo, this game based on the 2013 anime of the same name features legions of fighters battling the eponymous gigantic invaders, or the other way around.

List of scabbards and canisters (Attack on Titan Game)NameList of scabbards and canisters (Attack on Titan Game)InformationPurposeUtilityUsersScout RegimentDebutVideo gameAttack on TitanScabbards and Canisters are part of the player's omni-directional mobility gear in Attack on Titan and are listed together as Scabbards/Canisters in game. The two cannot be upgraded separately. They are rated by Gas Capacity (how much gas the player has before they must refuel), Gas Pressure (how fast they can boost), and Blades Remaining (how many spare blades the player can carry).

It doesn't seem like this game fixed the issues I had with the first one. Namely, the repetitiveness of repeatedly killing Titans in the exact same way every time (which, to be fair, is true to the show) and the entire loot/upgrade/skill system feeling kind of unnatural and unnecessary. Swinging around is fun for a few hours, but it very quickly gets repetitive.

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