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Black Man Fucks Drunk White Girl

This time there was alcohol involved: The woman, who is visibly drunk in the video, is leaned against a wall in Kansas City, Missouri, shouting at two black men. She proceeds to yell racial slurs about the men filming her.

Black Man Fucks Drunk White Girl

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It was a Saturday afternoon when a friend and me decided to have a few drinks at a lounge in the French Quarter. A woman, nice figure and attractive, sat down at the bar two seats down. We struck up a conversation and I told her of my work in Africa. She asked about the black men there and how they viewed white women. Surprised me but she was intrigued so I mentioned to her that I also had written stories about interracial experiences.

I was in my mid thirties, divorced and had a 20 year- old daughter and an 18- year old son. Struggling to make ends meet, I prostituted myself out sometimes to pay the bills. With only a high school degree I managed a corner market store. Living in a mostly black subdivision of town, the few men I slept with were mostly black. Not low life but working type men who wanted to rut with a white blonde female. It seemed that they enjoyed dominating a young white woman and got off ramming their black cocks in me.

"Hello girl," he said as he entered the apartment. John, 38 years old, was as black of a man as could be. Six foot three and thin but muscular. I had always thought he was so damn sexy because of his charcoal black skin and rippling muscles.

"Your daughter Stephanie. I want that young girl badly. I want to take her to bed and have that pretty morsel lying against my black body with my cock inside her tight cunt. I will be gentle and she will soon enjoy pleasures she has not known before," John adamantly stated.

John wasted little time and moved closer to Stephanie. He placed his arm around her shoulder while she played with his watch. She could not believe the contrast in their skin color. John was so black in contrast to her white skin. It gave her goose bumps just touching him. John made friendly conversation for about ten minutes as he nudged her closer to him. The brownies were taking effect on her and she was becoming a bit high.

She was becoming excited in a way she had never known. She blushed as he hugged her. John turned and placed his lips on her small mouth and pressed his tongue into her mouth. It shocked her but she didn't resist. He glided his hand up her skirt and his fingers touched her above her knees. His left Rolex adorned wrist began massaging her young white breast. Stephanie wiggled in his clutch. Somewhat afraid but exciting feelings were roaming through her young body. Then, his two fingers pressed into her vagina as her bodily fluids lubricated her. This big black man now had her in his clutches.

As John kept kissing her, Stephanie, losing control of her senses, began stroking his black manhood. It became harder and to the point that John realized that it was time to impale this young white girl.

John slowly pressed his black cock head into her vagina. Stephanie felt pain and yelped. "Shiii girl ... don't make any sounds ... just relax and let my manhood enter your body. I'll be gentle. See there, it will be feeling good in no time."

All of a sudden ... she pleaded with the John not to cum in here. "Please, please ... don't cum in me.' John had other ideas. He wanted to fill her young belly with his African seed Another inch pressed in he began to stroke her. Rolling over on top, he pressed more into her young white vagina. Her small legs begin shaking as another orgasm shot through her. John's black arms were around her small back and holding her captive to his blackness. Now his black cock was actually pulling her bottom up from the couch as it completely filled her. Stephanie's mouth was wide open and her turquoise eyes were in tears. John's sweat poured on her.

It was the best fuck of John's life. Here a young white girl had been put to his black cock and deflowered. He watched her lay motionless on the couch as he struggled up. His black cock was still dribbling as he saw his cum oozng out of her small vagina. He was not finished yet. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed.

Her small frail arms dropped from his black shoulders and dangled on her sides. The big black man clutched her small white body releasing all his cum in her. John then walked around the bedroom with her still impaled on his black cock ... as if to show a trophy ... Stephanie was motionless. Her small vagina had been filled by a very big black man. His cum was dripping from her ankles.

There is a serious problem in the United States where the people have little to no idea what happens to our tax dollars, our votes, and our rights. Regardless, it seems as if these things simply go towards benefitting white people or prioritizing what white people have to say. J Cole states that the schools in black areas spend time and money teaching the success of white people, rather than empowering these kids through the great accomplishments of African Americans. I believe Peele embraced this philosophy when producing Get Out by centering the film on the accomplishments of the Armitage family and the other white folk. It is motifs such as these that enhance ones experience when watching Get Out, allowing the viewer to recognize and associate themselves with the social issues happening in the United States, while also enjoying a thrilling and energizing movie.

What began as a firestorm against Don Imus' remarks against the members of Rutgers women's basketball team ended, thanks to Imus' friends, who controlled a bogus "National Dialogue About Race," and media and academic blacks, who hadn't been paying attention to his vile racism over the years, with a referendum on gangsta rap and the morals of Revs. Sharpton and Jackson. By Monday, April 16, 2007, an all Imus buddy panel appearing on CNN--including John Roberts, Paul Begala, and James Carville--engaged in a tribute to Imus. All that was needed were champagne glasses. On the same day, John Roberts and his colleague, Wolf Blitzer, described the murder of thirty-one students at Virginia Tech as "the worst massacre in American history," ignoring mass killings of blacks and Native-Americans that had been far worse. Moreover, the fact that the shooter Cho Seung-Hui was a fan of Guns N' Roses--he named a play," Mr. Brownstone," after one of the band's songs--didn't inspire the twenty-four/seven castigation of white heavy metal music that was dealt to hip hop music in the wake of Don Imus' firing. Ignoring the misogyny of heavy metal music is in keeping with the media's two-hundred year old policy of playing up black pathology and playing down pathology when it occurs among whites; when white journalists aren't doing the job, their African-American farm team is summoned.

Segment Synopsis: Wadlington discusses the spectrum of homosexual expression within the black community. Wadlington says that he saw AIDS activism as an opportunity for wider healthcare reform, while others saw an opportunity to push for gay rights. He also expresses the surprise he felt when he discovered the extent of racism in the white gay community.

Segment Synopsis: Wadlington describes his frustration at the difficulty of getting funding to fight AIDS in black communities, and at the well-connected white gay men who seemed to monopolize AIDS fundraising. He says at one point he and Hassan were so low on funds they broke into an office to steal condoms and printer paper, which they used to make safer-sex brochures.

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